One down more to go FUCK BLM!

Charleston Black Lives Matter leader shot, killed in New Orleans, niece says

A Charleston Black Lives Matter leader who made headlines for attempting to steal a Confederate flag died Tuesday after being shot in New Orleans, his family said.

Muhiyyidin Moye, 32, of Charleston, was shot in the leg while riding his bike around 1 a.m. in the Louisiana city, his niece told WCSC-TV. She said Moye tried to keep riding his bike after being shot but eventually died at a nearby hospital.

Other circumstances surrounding the shooting, including a possible motive, were unclear.

In February 2017, Moye was arrested after trying to snatch a Confederate flag from a protester in downtown Charleston after jumping over yellow police tape — an incident that was recorded during a live broadcast.

He was charged with disorderly conduct and malicious injury to real property, The Post and Courier reported.

More than two years earlier, the activist was arrested after being removed from a North Charleston city council meeting for disorderly conduct after reportedly disrupting the meeting.


Muhiyyidin Moye, 32, was a prominent activist in Charleston’s Black Lives Matter group.  (Cannon Detention Center)

Moye was a prominent activist in Charleston’s Black Lives Matter group.

He organized rallies for civil rights and demanded increased oversight of law enforcement after Walter Scott was fatally shot by former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager.

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How about you take HIM out to the woods and gun HIM down? Fucking asshole fed. Karma is comin for you.

FBI Did Not Want Body Cams At Fatal Roadblock


FBI Did Not Want Body Cams At Fatal Roadblock

FBI Did Not Want Body Cams At Fatal Roadblock


More information has been released on the fateful day that LaVoy Finicum was murdered on a lonely highway north of Burns, Oregon.

In January 2016, a Dead-man’s roadblock was set up on Hwy 395, seemingly by order of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) top agent in Oregon, Greg Bretzing.

The Oregon State Police (OSP) were called to assist the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). However, even though they planned to treat the passengers of 2 vehicles as extremely dangerous, the day did not end as expected, even for the FBI.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent W. Joseph Astarita is facing 5 charges for his actions during the incident, including obstruction of justice and giving false statements to investigators.

Astarita’s trial is expected to begin this month. His attorneys have asked that at least 4 of the 5 charges be dismissed. In a 32 page response to their motion, the government released more information than anticipated.

The motion outlines the government’s version of events on January 26, 2016. It also states that the FBI requested the State police were not to wear their standard body cameras.

This is a highly unusual request, especially in the current societal climate. It generally benefits officers to have their actions recorded during potentially dangerous events.

To have the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team specifically request assisting officers not wear them does not bode well for the expected outcome for the civilians involved.

In an additional apparent lack of transparency, they FBI also asked that subsequent interviews with agents not be recorded. This was, again, unusual as questioning is normally recorded, as the FBI well knows.

It would seem that the FBI had planned from the beginning to attempt to hide many of their actions, relying only on the long-range cameras from overhead planes.

It brings up many questions, such as whether or not the HRT team was instigating fear in the OSP officers with their shots, attempting to get them to murder the occupants of the truck?

As many questions as there are, the Federal prosecutors are not attempting to have them all answered. They have only charged Astarita with lying to investigators. No one has been held accountable for the death of LaVoy or for Ryan Bundy being shot in the arm.

The civil rights of all of the truck’s occupants have been violated, yet the Federal prosecutors have not yet shown concern for these issues. They have, however, shown great care for the rights of Astarita. He has not been held in jail, has not been required to provide extreme bail, and has not been relieved of his position within the FBI.

The trial is sure to be a model for justice in America.

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Or view PDF Here.

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Yet ANOTHER Liberal California Cum Gobbler trying to brain wash kids.

VIDEO: High School Teacher Tells Class That Marines Are “Lowest of Low” and “Bunch of Dumb Sh*ts”

Teacher Gregory Salcido stands in front of El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera after a complaint has been filed against him on Wednesday July 21, 2010. A parent has filed a complaint with the school board over his classroom conduct and Salcido has been placed on paid administrative leave. 

Yes.  The Left Hates America and Our Military

High School teacher Gregory Salcido who teaches at El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera, was caught on film during a rant about our military after seeing one of his students wearing a Marine sweater.

Salcido says many things during the 3 part video, however some of the most shocking things were calling the US military a “bunch of dumb sh*ts” and the “lowest of the low”

Salcido was also under fire for smacking a student’s head back in 2012 but was not terminated from employment.

Watch the three short clips below…


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When does Hillary see the business end of a NOOSE? WHEN?

BOMBSHELL: Federal Records Show Chelsea Clinton Funneled $11 Million in Federal Contracts to Her Friend’s Phony Think-Tank

Spread the Truth

During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, more than $11 Million of federal contracts were awarded to a questionably legitimate think-tank, which is owned and operated by Chelsea Clinton’s “Best Friend”.

Jacqueline Newmyer, who Chelsea Clinton says is her “best friend”, owns and operates Long Term Strategy Group (LTSG). Over the past 10 years, LTSG has been awarded more than $11 million from a Department of Defense think-tank known as the Office of Net Assessment (ONA).

Long Term Strategy Group, has a virtually non-existentwebsite and has no security clearances, yet to date they have received $11.2 Million in federal contracts according

The reason that LTSG was never given security clearances is that they failed to set up proper facilities to store and manage classified material. This issue reminds many of the unsecured private email sever that Hillary Clinton kept in her basement, which was hacked by multiple state actors.

It remains unclear who initiated the relationship between Newmyer and the DOD, but early reports all lead back to Chelsea Clinton as the intermediary that sparked the relationship, likely through her mother, Hillary Clinton, who at the time was Secretary of State.

It’s also unclear what work was ever rendered to the Department of State from LTSG.

While Newmyer did attend Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, her studies and research at the university had little to with modern day military strategy. This lack of a track record on relevant topics is part of what has many raising questions about how Newmyer’s firm (LTSG) could have ever been paid more than $11 Million by the Department of Defense.

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RIP John Coleman one of the last of the great weathermen

RIP: Weather Channel founder John Coleman dies – Called ‘global warming’ a ‘hoax’


San Diego’s high kicking weatherman John Coleman dies – January 21, 2018 – John Coleman, the dancing, prancing San Diego weatherman who tickled television viewers by the way he would sing out the letter U in KUSI-TV’s call letters, died on Saturday. He was 83. Coleman, who also angered many people by insisting that global warming is a hoax, died at his home in Las Vegas, according to KUSI, where he served as a forecaster from 1994 to 2014, when he retired. The station did not announce the cause of death, but it did say that Coleman was surrounded by family when he passed away. His 2014 retirement capped a 60-year career during which served Coleman as the first forecaster on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” then went on to found the Weather Channel during the early days of cable television. The channel evolved from a little known number on the dial to the place millions of Americans turn first to track everything from hurricanes in Florida to blizzards in the Midwest to Santa Ana winds in California. “Like a strike of lightening (sic), a clap of thunder and a ray of sunshine, legendary weatherman John Coleman was an exciting, powerful and humorous force in the lives of so many,” KUSI evening anchor Sandra Maas said Sunday on Twitter.


Associated Press: John Coleman, Chicago meteorologist, and Weather Channel co-founder dies at 83Former Chicago weather forecaster John Coleman, who co-founded The Weather Channel and was the original meteorologist on ABC’s “Good Morning America” during a six-decade broadcasting career, has died. He was 83. His wife, Linda Coleman, told The Associated Press her husband died Saturday night at home in Las Vegas. She did not give a cause. … His ratings success at Channel 7 led to a six-year run, starting in 1977, as national weatherman for ABC’s “Good Morning America.”



Climate Depot’s Marc Morano statement: “I am shocked and saddened by the loss of John so suddenly. John has been a close ally and was featured in the film Climate Hustle and wrote the forward for my upcoming book (Feb. 2018): The Politically Incorrect Gude to Climate Change.Coleman was a giant among meteorologists and had the courage to call out ‘global warming’ claims and go after Al Gore, Bill Nye and many others. The meteorological world lost a giant today!”

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Anthony Watts pays tribute: Forecaster, father, and friend of WUWT, John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, passes away – Watts: “It is with great sadness that I announce this. John Coleman was a true hero of mine, and a great friend. He made gigantic contributions to television, to weather forecasting, and even to the National Weather Service who changed and upgraded many of their methods to accommodate the visionary ideas he had in founding the Weather Channel.”


Meteorologist Joseph D’Aleo: In Memory of John Coleman – ‘Coleman was a TV weather rock star’ – During the latter stages of co-authoring a book honoring the Weather Channel Pioneers (coming soon), John Coleman sadly passed away January 20th at age 83 at his home in Las Vegas surrounded by friends and family.  John Coleman retired in 2014 after nearly 61 years in weather broadcasting. John learned to love weather and nature from his dad, a college professor who had been raised on a farm in Alpine, Texas. John never stopped learning, combining self and college classroom study, observation, and knowledge gained from all the people he worked with.


I had the profound privilege to work closely with him at Good Morning America and then at the cable TV Weather Channel.  For GMA, John often worked all through the night, helping to put together a quality product for the viewers including a minute feature with the goals of informing and educating. He believed the more the viewers understood, the more capable they would be of utilizing the weather to their benefit.

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Sucks to be you Schumer. Im disgusted that you are a Jew. You make me retch.

schumer fail

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Fucking Muslim cunt!

L’Oreal Hijab Model Amena Khan Steps Down over Tweets Calling Israel ‘Child Murderers’

L’Oréal Paris UK’s Muslim model has stepped down from the company’s campaign after her anti-Israel Twitter posts surfaced last week.

Amena Khan announced her decision to step down from the campaign in a Twitter post on Monday, where she also claimed to have deleted the controversial posts about Israel. Breitbart Tech reported on Khan’s anti-Israel tweets on Friday, including her comments that Israel is a nation of “child murderers” and an “illegal state.” L’Oréal Paris UK did not reply to a request for comment from Breitbart Tech on that story.

“I deeply regret the content of my tweets I made in 2014, and sincerely apologise for the upset and hurt that they have caused,” declared Khan in her post. “Championing diversity is one of my passions, I don’t discriminate against anyone. I have chosen to delete them as they do not represent the message of harmony that I stand for.”

“I recently took part in a campaign, which excited me because it celebrated inclusivity. With deep regret, I’ve decided to step down from this campaign because the current conversations surrounding it detract from the positive and inclusive sentiment that it set out to deliver,” she concluded.


View image on Twitter
 Remember Muslim FILTH can lie…its called Taquiyya

In 2014, Khan called Israel “sinister,” “child murderers,” and claimed “defeat” awaits them.

“Israel is a sinister state & the ones who suffer most are innocent children,” proclaimed Khan in one since-deleted post, while in another she declared, “Israel = Pharoah. Both are child murderers. Insha’Allah, defeat also awaits the former; it’s only a matter of time.”

In other posts, Khan repeatedly referred to Israel as an “illegal state,” and claimed they take part in “terrorising innocent civilians.”

Last year, L’Oréal Paris UK also faced criticism with another diversity hire: transgender model Munroe Bergdorf, who was fired from the company after publishing several racist, anti-white rants.

Bergdorf was fired after claiming white people are “the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth,” however she was rewarded with a verified account on Twitter.


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