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Family Of Slain Officer Feared The Worst, Set Camera Up At His Grave. It’s Worse Than Imagined

Updated July 24, 2017

After the family of a Georgia police officer lost him in the course of his duty, they didn’t think the atrocity was over. Instinct told them that the public was not done harassing him even though he was already dead. Because they had this gut feeling, they decided to set a hidden camera up at his grave. And the video footage doesn’t lie. Now teens have been arrested for stamping muddy footprints and spreading other dirt onto the slain officer’s grave to defile it.

When the mother of slain officer Nicholas Smarr noticed footprints and mud on her son’s grave, she was outraged. She wanted to know who had done it. And her gut instinct told her that whoever was response was not done harassing the former Americus, Georgia officer’s final resting place. And her instincts were dead on.

The mother and other family members banded together to protect the legacy of Smarr. They set up a surveillance camera equipped with night vision and pointed it toward his gravesite. They couldn’t believe the truth of what was happening at night at the slain officer’s grave.

But the evidence was clear. Photos and video do not lie. Four people arrived at officer Smarr’s grave just after midnight and began defiling it again.

The suspects were all minors and included one 17-year-old boy and three 16-year-old girls. They have all been identified because they were known to the local officers and have been arrested.

17-year-old Kaheem D. Chambers has been charged with criminal trespassing along with the three teen girls. Their identities remained anonymous because of their age. But Chambers was old enough to face the wrath of justice.

He has been booked in jail, the Americus police Chief Mark Scott reports.

Two of the three young girls had previous arrest records. They have been sent to the Regional Youth Detention Center in Macon, Georgia to be straightened out. Those in charge at the facility will not look kindly on the kids who defiled a deceased police officer’s grave under cover of dark night.

The third girl who was a first offender was released to her parents.

On December 7, 25-year-old officer Smarr and his best friend, Jody Smith, an officer with Georgia Southwestern State University, responded to a domestic violence call. When they arrived on the scene, Minquell Lembrick opened fire on the surprised officers. Smarr died that same day, while Smith’s suffering was prolonged. He died a day later while being treated at the local hospital. After killing the cops, Lembrick went on the run. But when other officers chased him down after a manhunt, the cop killer got into another standoff. Instead of fighting courageously to the end and standing by the crimes he had committed, the killer turned the gun on himself. He later died from the self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Meanwhile, Smarr’s mother and the rest of his family cannot believe the Georgia community is treating the fallen officer like trash.

“He already died for the city,” Janice Smarr said of her son. “He needs to lie in peace.”

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