Sorry they need to find this one dead in an alley somewhere. MURDERER being protected by a muz loving mayor.

Media in All-Out Effort to Portray Muslim Killer Cop Mohamed Noor as the Victim


He is getting death threats — or so goes the claim. And a Muslim leader in Minneapolis is warning about “anti-Somali rhetoric.” By the time the enemedia is through, people will be thinking that Justine Damond killed Mohamed Noor. This is obscene, and is an outrage to her memory. Justine Damond deserves justice.

“Justine Damond investigation continues as police officer Mohamed Noor faces death threats,” by Mathew Murphy, Daily News Australia, July 28, 2017 (thanks to Tom):

MINNEAPOLIS Officer Mohamed Noor has received dozens of death threats as public outrage over the shooting of Australian Justine Damond explodes.

Noor, who is yet to give a statement on how Damond died, is said to feel remorse over the death of the 40-year-old life coach.

Minneapolis Police Federation president Bob Kroll, who has been in regular contact with Noor, told News Corp that he alone had received about 10 messages on his voicemail threatening himself, Noor or the police in general.

“Some have been very specific and others have been quite general death threats, not just to our office but to the 5th precinct (where Noor worked) and elsewhere,” he said. “In total there have been dozens of death threats They really aren’t helping anyone.”

Mr Kroll said Noor feels “relatively sure that he is safe” where he is staying.

Asked if that meant he had left Minneapolis, where the story is still front-page news, Mr Kroll replied, “I can’t comment on that. I don’t want to say anything that would jeopardise his safety.”…

Tell ya what, how about this Somali MURDERER is suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.Take his BADGE and all his guns. Short of that if there IS NO justice for the UNARMED WOMAN HE SHOT then Noor WILL need to find a place to hide as he WILL be met by Karma.

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