What the FUCK is wrong with these people…..

Transblind: Woman ‘Identifies’ as Blind, Uses Chemicals to Blind Herself Forever

Keely Sharp

Did you hear that? It was the dying wail of common sense! After seeing this video, I think I am done with the internet for today.

A woman with perfect sight claims she identified as a blind person, and felt like that was just who she was supposed to be. She labeled herself as transblind, and began living her life as if she was without sight.

We can’t make this stuff up!

At what point can we call this “Trans” issue a mental disorder? Is “TransBlind” crazy enough? This North Carolina woman blinded herself on purpose with the help of a Psychologist! Instead of calling her insane, some call her a Hero.

The North Carolina woman says, “When there’s nobody around you that feels the same way, you start to feel like you’re very crazy.” She continued, “I don’t think I’m crazy. I think I have a disorder.”

Uh, no. Sorry, but this is beyond crazy! She needs real help because she is mentally unstable.

She literally claims that she felt the need to go blind, so with the help of a psychologist, she did! She used drain cleaner, dropping it in each eye because it “does a lot of damage.”

The psychologist should not have helped her take her own sight!! If he didn’t think he could help this obviously deranged woman, then he should have helped her find someone who could!

Upon waking up and realizing she still had her sight after dropping the chemicals in, she claims that she was extremely upset. However, she slowly lost her vision over the course of the next six months.

Watch for yourself:


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