The biggest BITCH in Football…..

Colin Kaepernick Pleads For A Job, Watch What Happens Instead

Last year, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was making headlines for refusing to stand during the national anthem. After a string of political antics and a miserable season, Kaepernick was ultimately let go of the team. Since then, he’s been desperately trying to find another team to sign him. So far, he’s not having much luck.

In the past few weeks, Kaepernick was hopeful he would be joining the Seattle Seahawks, who expressed interest in him. But his hopes were crushed on Monday when the team signed Austin Davis as their new quarterback instead. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that though he believes Kaepernick is a true talent, the team cannot sign him for other reasons.

“Colin’s been a fantastic football player, and he’s going to continue to be,” Carrol said. “At this time, we didn’t do anything with it, but we know where he is and who he is and we had a chance to understand him much more so. He’s a starter in this league. And we have a starter. But he’s a starter in this league, and I can’t imagine that someone won’t give him a chance to play.”

In spite of what Carrol says, many speculate Kaepernick was just too loose of a cannon to take on.

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