Scumbag ghetto NIGGERS. Plain and simple. Should have been found dead in an alley somewhere.

Racist Couple Who Beat Restaurant Owner’s Daughter To Bloody Pulp Just Got Shocking Dose Of Karma

Want to see what it looks like when a restaurant owner and her teenage daughter get the business beat out of them over some cold fried chicken?

Watch this woman take punches like a Mike Tyson victim, then her daughter gets dropped like she’s a canoe getting crushed by a giant anchor.

Did you see how fast that ratchet ghetto wildabeast flew in there and launched a windmill of punches? Then her fat behemoth sugar daddy wallops the little white girl harder than he’s ever bitten a chicken wing? GOOD LAWD THAT’S ILLEGAL! You can’t beat up women like that because you thought your fried chicken was cold. And what’s a fatboy like that doing eating fried chicken anyway? His pants look like a dress with a big slit and his ankles probably have more rolls than Michael Moore has chins. Ten bucks says he uses that skinny chicken-head as a toothpick when he’s done lickin his greasy chops.

If you’ve wanted justice after all this time of them on the run, then that time is finally here. The two scumbags turned themselves in. They are finally in police custody. I’m guessing they hit up a few more chicken shops to get a few more meals in while they could. With the beating they dished out to those women, you better believe they deserve jail time. They literally battered those women more than you batter the chicken.


Image result for black assaulted mother daughter


A Georgia couple who allegedly beat a restaurant owner and her daughter because they were not satisfied with their food order turned themselves over to the police Wednesday.

Nathaniel Smith, 45, and LaTasha Smith, 28, are facing felony charges in connection with an incident that took place June 22 in Baxley where they were allegedly caught on camera attacking the owner of a Qwik Chick take out stand and her 15-year-old daughter, the Smoking Gun reported.

I always crack up when we legally have to say allegedly, even though there’s video evidence of the crime. Let’s give the cold chicken haters some credit for turning themselves in….weeks later. They could’ve went on the run or snuck out of the country into Mexico for all we know. But here they are, safe in the custody of American police.

Police apprehended the Smiths as part of a law enforcement dragnet coordinated by federal marshals and police.

We need more details. Did the couple walk into the police station or did they surrender to police when they were surrounded? What actually happened? I don’t think the full details have been released yet, but I am extremely curious how this went down.

Investigators say the couple complained to restaurant owner Jeanette Norris that they received cold chicken and an insufficient amount of french fries.

Norris said she agreed to give the couple a refund, but investigators say she placed a 911 call after she witnessed the couple pounding on the store windows.

Please tell me someone counted their fries. Please, please, please tell me that happened. Can anyone out there confirm that this couple counted their fries? 1, 2, 3 OK THAT’S IT I’M BEATING UP A WOMAN TODAY!

When Norris tried to inform them that she was calling the authorities, LaTasha allegedly punched Norris several times. Norris’s daughter tried to assist her mother when Nathaniel allegedly socked the 15-year-old in the face.

I’m calling the police! OH NO YOU ISN’T! POW! I would like to know what conversation happened between the “my fries aren’t enough and my chicken is cold” and the part where the women are outside getting their faces used as punching bags. What happened that took the incident outside where the woman threatened to call police? Why would the woman need to call cops if the couple is outside and leaving? There IS a missing piece to the story – not the woman’s teeth, because I think she still has them all, but there really is a part of this story missing from inside the building to outside where the knockout party started.

The attack left Norris with two black eyes and a broken nose while her daughter suffered a black eye and a concussion.

The daughter took it like a champ. She got popped by a dude who looks like the black Stay Puft Marshmallow man and she bounced right up like she was ready for round two of an interracial marriage.

Police say that the suspects fled in a silver 2007 Cadillac Escalade and remained at large until Wednesday morning.

Of course they’re driving a Cadillac Escalade. I’m not trying to be stereotypical, but of course that’s what they were driving to pick up their cold fried chicken and not enough fries. Escalade’s aren’t very friendly on gas mileage. I imagine when that fat womanizer and his bow-legged skank get in the car, that it’s even worse on the mileage. Esalade’s aren’t cheap either. A 2012 with 50k miles can run you in the mid $30k range. New Escalades start in the low $70k range. I’m not saying they don’t have a good paying job such as selling drugs, but I’m just saying we need to be open minded about what their possible means of income is and should probably investigate. What do these folks do for a living to afford a car that likely costs $800 a month?

Police sought warrants for the couple on charges of aggravated battery and cruelty to children. Nathaniel Smith has a criminal record that includes a felony conviction for selling and distributing cocaine and marijuana.


They are drug dealers. I was right. Good guess ya know. I have a wonderful intuition and know how to Google “used Escalade for sale” prices and figure out these two wasted eggs are probably not contributing to society in a meaningful way (like me).

And child abusers? Feed these high quality people to a few rabid hungry pit bulls and call it a day. No one will miss them.

They’re not even good at selling drugs, like this guy:

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