This CUNT needs to be in Jail. Worthless Party Scum that FAILED HER OATH OF OFFICE

Secret Service Agent Who Refused To Take Bullet For Trump Got New Job – You Won’t Believe What It Is

“The Resistance” is a term we’re hearing more and more often lately. It seems to be a classed up term for the 6-month long temper tantrum that the left has been pitching ever since Donald Trump won the presidency. They’re resisting his policies, his person, and his position, with very little facts given as to what they object to.

In some cases, even when it’s their job to work with, or for the President, those who don’t agree with him or didn’t vote for him are taking their frustrations out in an illegal and unethical way. The leaks that have been abounding in the White House by those still loyal to the previous administration have been a demonstration of the harm that the dissenters are willing to do in order to cause problems for President Trump.

One extremely high profile traitor is a Secret Service agent who decided to break just about every rule in the book back around the time of the inauguration to make her opinions on the current Commander in Chief (who she’s sworn to protect, no matter what) known and heard. The agent in question, Kerry O’Grady was supposed to receive a first class ticket to whatever the Secret Service’s version of the hottest circle of hell is, but that doesn’t seem to have happened.

Via Washington Free Beacon:

“The senior Secret Service agent who said she did not want to take “a bullet” for President Trump did not suffer several disciplinary actions imposed on other agents and officers for allegations of similarly serious or lesser misconduct, according to multiple sources from the Secret Service community and attorneys specializing in federal law enforcement labor and employment law.

Kerry O’Grady, the agent in question, was removed from her position as head of the Secret Service’s Denver district in March amid an investigation into her pre-election Facebook comments about Trump. O’Grady remains on paid administrative leave and retains her security clearance six months after the agency first started looking into the allegations of misconduct against her.

Additionally, senior managers have never placed O’Grady on a “Do Not Admit” list—an agency-wide notification that an employee whose conduct is under investigation is not allowed access to any Secret Service offices or resources, according to two former agents.

Despite the obvious efforts to protect the agency from employees accused of serious misconduct that could pose a security threat, the sources describe the “Do Not Admit” list also as a “shaming device” and an “intimidation tool” that senior managers have inconsistently used in recent years against employees facing less-serious allegations of misconduct.

While O’Grady’s continued employment with the agency is not unusual as the process plays out, attorneys who have represented Secret Service agents and officers and other law enforcement employees in disciplinary cases say she has not faced some of the harsh sanctions imposed on many of their clients.

Several sources within the Secret Service community worry that O’Grady will retain her employment and simply be transferred another division of the Department of Homeland Security. Such a move would allow her to serve out her time until she can retire with a pension, a move the agency has used with at least one other official in the public crosshairs.

Secret Service Deputy Director Alvin “A.T.” Smith was forced to resign in December 2015 when the agency was under pressure from Congress after a string of security lapses. He was allowed to transfer to another position in DHS, according to an email that praised his 29 years of service to the agency sent to all staff.

O’Grady wrote on her personal Facebook site in October that she would rather face ‘jail time’ than take ‘a bullet’ for Trump because she considered him a ‘disaster’ for the country, especially as it relates to women and children.

Additionally, she updated her profile picture on Inauguration Day to an artist’s rendering of Princess Leia with the words, ‘A woman’s place is in the resistance.’

‘The resistance’ has become a moniker for those opposing Trump’s presidency.

Many active-duty and retired agents have complained that it took management three and a half months and only after a report in the Washington Examiner to take the issue seriously enough to launch a probe. A complaint about O’Grady’s anti-Trump Facebook posts was officially filed Oct. 11 with the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the Secret Service.”

So it looks like the only reason that this traitor got any retribution at all was because of the epic media attention that her social media blasted dissent got. It looks like if she’d just told her bosses “hey, I’ma go out today, but I’m probably not going to protect the President because I don’t like him” they’d have just been like “ok, you do you. Let’s hope it doesn’t come up so we don’t get in trouble.”

If media attention is what it takes to get people to do the right thing, there’s a serious ethical problem that needs to be addressed. This isn’t a political issue. I suspect that I could find a few SS agents that weren’t in love with Obama, considering his general stance on military and law enforcement, but honor is about doing the right thing, regardless of personal feelings, which is what the agents surrounding the leader of the free world are supposed to do. I guess there’s no such thing as doing the right thing for the sake of the right thing anymore. Apparently, we all have to be emotionally driven to even show up and do our jobs now.

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