You liberal motherfuckers WANT a war? WE WILL BRING YOU ONE YOU WONT SURVIVE

BREAKING: Massive Manhunt Underway After Trump’s Motorcade Comes Under ATTACK In Florida

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Far-left agitators, many of whom are likely paid to protest, have been demonstrating against the new president wherever he goes, and they took things entirely too far Friday evening when they attacked the presidential motorcade in Florida.

President Trump is spending the weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach this weekend, and on Friday evening his motorcade was traveling to the location when it passed a group of agitators along the side of the road. According to the Washington Examiner, demonstrators threw two large objects – a rock and a piece of wood – directly at the vehicles as they passed, striking at least one and causing the president’s protection detail to go on high alert.

“The Secret Service can confirm that an object appears to have been thrown at the motorcade this afternoon. We are investigating at this time and don’t have anything further,” a Secret Service official said in a stamen about the incident.

According to the UK Telegraph, police launched a manhunt for the suspects and are scouring video from the area for clues.

Police officers went into a nearby petrol station to see if video was available showing who was responsible for throwing the objects at the motorcade.

Two items were collected and taken away by a crime scene unit from Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department.

In August, when Mr. Trump was the nominee, there were reports of his motorcade being attacked in Minneapolis during a campaign visit. Police and protesters also clashed in Washington DC on Inauguration Day.

According to one alleged eyewitness, the perpetrators were middle school-aged, had foul mouths, and shouted death threats at the president as he drove by.

Gee, wonder where they learned that?

Believe what you will, but conservatives never did anything like this to Barack Obama after he took office. Regardless of who the suspects were, the behavior of the left is becoming completely out of control, and incidents like above are evidence of it.


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