Another “community organizer” (Democrat leftist terrorist) that needs to catch a round..

He’s Back: Bob Creamer Community Organizing Angry Protests in Illinois

Convicted felon Bob Creamer, the Alinskyite Democrat operative who stepped away from his duties with the Clinton campaign last October under a cloud of corruption and depravity, is up to his dirty tricks yet again.

Creamer slithered away from the campaign after Project Veritas shined a light on his thuggish and quasi-legal activities, saying at the time that he didn’t want to be “a distraction in the important task of electing Hillary Clinton.”

Fast-forward to this week and we find that the frequent Obama White House visitor is now involved with organizing angry mobs at Republican town halls, according to the Illinois Review.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is targeting Republican members of Congress that represent districts where Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

In Illinois, the DCCC has honed in on Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06) and downstate Congressman Rodney Davis (IL-13), who have both suddenly been besieged by a growing number of angry protesters.

While he was attending a Republican meeting in Palatine last Saturday, Roskam was assailed by a mob of 400 angry protesters who had apparently been directed by their community organizers to harass the congressman about his support for ObamaCare’s repeal.

Roskam, likely fearing for his safety, escaped out the back door — which, frankly, any sane person would have done. As anyone who has been paying attention knows, angry left-wing mobs are frequently violent and always, without exception, nasty.

Crain’s Chicago Business political writer Greg Hinz opined that Roskam should have met with protesters, which is odd because he was at a GOP political meeting — not a town hall. Hinz wrote that he’d been given the heads-up about Roskam ditching the angry mob by none other than Bobby Creamer:

Such protests are not exactly spontaneous rallies. After this weekend’s meeting—the one Roskam slipped out of—I heard from Citizen Action Illinois, a left-of-center lobbying and organizing group, and Bob Creamer, a top Democratic National Committee operative and the husband of Democratic U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, whose district is a few miles northeast of Roskam’s. Both wanted to make sure I’d heard about the congressman running away.

Beyond that, national Democrats have already targeted the race for 2018, realizing that, while Roskam has won solidly there, Trump lost the district in November to Hillary Clinton.

All that, however, is one more reason for Roskam to suck it up and show up.

Creamer et al. apparently think the sight of Roskam smartly avoiding an angry left-wing mob makes for devastating optics to be used in future attack ads. Normal people, however, say, “Yeah, I would have done the same thing.”

Roskam aides insist he is willing to meet, but only under controlled circumstances. They note, for instance, that he met with the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans, a pro-Obamacare group, in January, and is scheduled to meet with 25 people selected by the League of Women Voters later this week.

Roskam’s office is familiar with slimy DCCC tactics, the Illinois Review reported.

“Peter is no stranger to the DCCC,” Spokesman David Pasch told Illinois Review. “He’s focused on representing the people of the western and northwestern suburbs in Washington, not the other way around.”

The DCCC announced earlier this week that more of these protests will be going on under the campaign they’re calling “March into ’18.”

Creamer is reportedly heavily involved with the DCCC, and his tactics are — shall we say — sketchy at best. You would think after having his sinister, quasi-legal political machinations exposed by James O’Keefe last fall, Creamer would be keeping a lower profile. Under the watchful eye of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, this longtime community organizer could soon come under intense scrutiny.

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