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For those folks paying close attention to the national news, this last year has perhaps been an awakening for many, and no doubt a disappointment for some, as to how our judicial system really works, in that although we’d like to think that “justice is blind” or that there’s “equal justice under the law” in reality there are two distinct and different although parallel systems at work within America.

One for us ordinary folks, and another for those political elites, which we seldom get to see, because for the most their malfeasance is usually covered-up and committed by politicians, who for the most part are lawyers, who become judges, who become prosecutors, and who eventually become president, in short a “sheepskin” for some is a legal license to steal, which of course is on full display this election season with Hillary Clinton and her gang.

However as this Las Vegas Public Defender found out, wearing a “Black Lives Matter” button into a courtroom isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do, in that she doesn’t belong to the Political VIP Lounge, and of course what transpired next, was a visible clash of cultures taking place right there within the courtroom, as District Judge Douglas Herndon ordered attorney Erika Ballou to remove the button.


“I took an oath to support the Constitution, all of the Constitution,” Ballou said. “My oath is to protect everyone’s free speech, even if I disagree with it. I am not comfortable giving my case to someone else to handle. And I’m also not comfortable abridging my free speech.”

She then acknowledged she would not remove the button and wanted another judge to hear the case, which of course Herndon refused to recuse himself.

“We’re not here on a petition about a movement or a protest or anything like that,” Herndon said. “We’re here to dispense justice on a criminal calendar of cases. And that’s why I think it’s inappropriate.”

One wonders what the reaction of Attorney Ballou would be if a defendant that she was tasked to represent, walked into court wearing a Donald Trump t-shirt, and would she be as adamant in protecting that person’s free speech?

Judge Herndon said, “I’m asking the same things of them that I ask of anybody else. Please leave any kind of political or opinion protest statements outside the courtroom.”

The police union’s new executive director, Steve Grammas, sent a letter which objected to “attorneys and other citizens who display ‘Black Lives Matter’ propaganda in court.”

“We have received complaints from our member officers who believe that such displays have no place in courtrooms in which justice is to be dispensed,” the letter read. “We are certain that the courts would not allow similar public displays from citizens who believe that killers should be sentenced to death or that sexual predators should be castrated.”

Here is the letter in it’s entirety:

Ltr to Chief Judge David Barker by Las Vegas Review-Journal on Scribd

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