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BOOM: Police Chief Rips Diamond Reynolds Apart, Reveals 3 MASSIVE Lies She Told

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How many times does the same story have to happen before the media realize why they shouldn’t draw conclusions until all the facts are available?

Philando Castile was shot and killed by police on July 6, 2016, in Minnesota and his girlfriend, Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds recorded the aftermath with commentary that was fraught with lies — some of which Conservative Tribune has already debunked.

Roseville Police Chief Rick Mathwig was frustrated with the lies put forth in the media and decided to set the record straight in an interview on CNN Wednesday.

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He laid out three lies and revealed the truth:

Lie #1: Reynolds said police officers provided no medical aid for Castile, and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton claimed that Castile did not receive CPR.

Truth: Three minutes after arriving at the scene, Mathwig’s officers administered CPR attempting to save Castile’s life. Mathwig said, “It hurt me … to hear the governor of Minnesota saying that Mr. Castile did not receive CPR.”


Lie #2: Reynolds claimed she was detained all night by police.

Truth: Mathwig said Reynolds was only in police custody for about two hours in a “soft interview room” which has things like toys, blankets and books.

Lie #3: Reynolds claimed she was poorly treated by police.

Truth: Mathwig said Reynolds told officers her groceries were in the car and that her daughter hadn’t eaten all day so a state investigator took $40 out of his own billfold to give to her for the groceries. An officer even gave Reynolds’ daughter a teddy bear.


Mathwig’s account paints a very different picture from the one Reynolds and the media have tried to paint and these are just a few of the many lies already debunked.

As time goes by, Reynold’s account starts to fall apart piece by piece showing exactly why people should refrain from judgment before all the facts are available.

Maybe someone can get that memo to the governor of Minnesota and the president, because, clearly, they don’t understand this concept.

H/T Mad World News, The Conservative Treehouse

Why do you think the media, the president and the governor have chosen to jump to conclusions in this case without all the facts? Let us know in the comments below and please share this on Facebook and Twitter.

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