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Semi trucks across the nation are being held hostage by protestors

Over the weekend, Black Lives Matter protests shut down several major highways across the nation and there’s a recurring scene in almost every one — semi trucks unwillingly taken hostage as a prop for protesters.

As protesters took their cause to march, severe traffic was a concern to all those on the road. But truck drivers faced a more serious problem when demonstrators stampeded their big rigs.

On Thursday night, in Oakland, California, thousands of people gathered to march downtown. The protesters continued their demonstration onto I-880, which shut down the freeway for several hours. Oakland police stated that around 1,000 people marched down the freeway, while others remained on city streets. Those stuck in traffic had no choice but to wait out the scene.

Semis were used as platforms as protestors climbed on top.

Jose Carlos Fajardo
Jose Carlos Fajardo

Seven people were arrested during the Oakland protest.

The demonstrations took a familiar turn in Atlanta, Georgia. According to police, protesters broke through Atlanta police and Georgia State Patrol barricades and blocked the downtown connector late Thursday night. Large vehicles were left with nowhere to turn. Hundreds gathered to protest.

Protestors took over the streets and held a semi truck hostage in Atlanta.

YouTube / ABC15 Arizona
YouTube / ABC15 Arizona

Georgia State Police stated that anyone on the connector not in a car would be arrested.

The demonstrations continued throughout the nation. On Sunday, in Memphis, Tennessee, a group marched across the city and traveled onto the I-40 bridge in protest. It began as a peaceful rally of hundreds of people, but similar to the other protests, caused bystanders to be trapped inside their vehicles.

Traffic came to a halt as the bridge was closed for hours.


More truck drivers were put into danger and demonstrations continued.

Truckers Had Enough
Truckers Had Enough

While no truck drivers were physically harmed during the protests this weekend, the images reminded many drivers of the 1992 beating of truck driver Reginald Denny, who was brutally attacked during the Rodney King riots.

Denny was attacked after stopping for protestors.

Rioters celebrate around Reginald Denny's body after the truck driver was pulled from his vehicle and beaten in the early hours of the Los Angeles riots. The photo, which was taken by Robert Clark from a news helicopter, ran on the front page of the Daily Breeze and was the only photo of this incident taken by a print photographer. It won the Gold Award for for Photojournalism from the Society of News Design. Photo by Robert Clark/Santa Monica Outlook
Robert Clark/Santa Monica Outlook

Sad but true, the men and woman who are supplying the nation with needed goods are becoming unwillingly trapped into these rallies. Although protesting can be justifiable, it must remain peaceful. When one protests violence with further violence, the point is lost.

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