Another great….gone. RIP Patty Duke

Academy Award winning Actress Patty Duke has died at 69. This early death is the last chapter to a gifted and kind woman who was terribly challenged with Bi-Polar Disorder most of her adult life. I find this incredibly sad news. She had heart bypass surgery several years ago.patty duke

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3 Responses to Another great….gone. RIP Patty Duke

  1. A shame they used such bad pictures of her. She was our Patty Duke (Anna) save those pictures for her cause (bi-polar disorder to show what it does to one. (Maybe before and after) Show her beautiful and yes younger and happier. UNLESS THAT’S WHAT PIC SHE WANTED THE: SHUT UP HENRY!
    IF YES OR NO: God bless you and rest in calm pleasant peace knowing you made people feel the same šŸ˜Ž

  2. Congradulations!
    Your page popped up with : danger,warning,unsafe,go back,to continue is unsafe, possible virus, possible Loss of personal information!!!

    Wow 3 virus protection and 4 firewall then a history/site wiper!

    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. No clue about that probably the liberal Cruz and Hillary shit stains trying to hack. Clean on my end

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