Militarized Tactics: Killing & Capturing Political Dissidents
This is a public letter to Krisanne Hall and the Coalition of Western States discussing how the so called ‘traffic stop’ conducted by the FBI and the Oregon state police more closely resembled the militarized tactics used to kill and capture those deemed to be Enemies of the United States.
Some media are now reporting that federal and state law enforcement played a role in orchestrating the invitations for the Bundy group as guest speakers at a public meeting to ‘draw’ them out and ambush them in a remote area while traveling.
Regarding law enforcement’s role in orchestrating invitations as guest speakers to the Bundy party, and then strategically ambushing them in a remote area with ‘dead’ cellphone coverage area where streaming video could not be broadcast, I can’t help but draw comparisons to military tactics used to kill or capture high value targets.
The orchestrating of the invitations to get them to an isolated area to kill or capture them is no different than the tactics reported on by Judicial Watch and the Huffington Post that were repeatedly used by the government in its attempts to draw out Anwar al-Awlaki onto remote stretches of roadway where he could be targeted by drone strikes, by forwarding messages to him that there were important letters and legal paperwork at the American embassy for him to pick up.
Krisanne, we have only met briefly at various civic functions in Florida in years past, but I do hope that you realize and appreciate the significance of the governments armed actions in Oregon:
Whereas the U.S. government had utilized acts of deception and notice of legal proceedings in Yemen in the attempt ‘draw out’ and to kill / capture a U.S. citizen deemed to be an enemy of the United States on foreign shores (and which they did in fact kill at a later date), the U.S. government has now, in collusion with a state government, overtly used those exact same tactics to affect the killing and capture of U.S. citizens deemed to be enemies of the United States on domestic shores by luring them into an ambush in a remote location on the pretext of extending invitations to travel as guest speakers and engage in perfectly legal constitutional activities, and then strategically killing and capturing them in a strategically chosen remote location with no media coverage and within a ‘dead’ cellphone coverage area where the actual events unfolding could not be broadcast.
Weeks before the FBI and state police ever fired shots to affect the killing and captures of political dissidents, there were strong allegations of government agents, confidential informants, and provocateurs having planned, orchestrated, and directed the events that unfolded as a means to entrap and then to affect the killing, capture, and prosecution of political dissidents whom for all other intents and purposes were nothing more than misguided, emotional, temperamental, and easily manipulated moronic actors unknowingly playing the leading roles in a government orchestrated script written and directed for the sole purposes of demonizing, discrediting, and destroying a burgeoning political movement challenging and calling for reform and the accountability of federal government, and ultimately intending to thwart, impede, and destroy any means of pursuing or affecting peaceful political change that would endanger the vested interest and political agendas of the establishment quo.
In the aftermath there are at a minimum three separate legal proceedings in which the government will try to control the narrative and will try to block the release of evidences or disappear or destroy evidences that raise reasonable doubt of the narrative or that may reveal evidences of government improprieties or misconduct under the color of law: the prosecution of the survivors on felony charges, the civil suits arising from claims of excessive force, and the civil suits arising from wrongful death.
I hope that the defendants and their attorneys, the families and the victims and their attorneys, and the civic and legal associations whom have a vested interest in pursuing the truth and ensuring justice in the outcome of these various legal proceedings, will focus upon and be able to force the public release of the evidences of the government’s true involvement in the planning and orchestration of these events, their true role in targeting, manipulating, demonizing, discrediting, and destroying the lives of political dissidents and impeding, thwarting, and destroying political advocacy seeking political change, and their true role in orchestrating the killing, capture, and prosecution of those deemed to be enemies of the United States for their daring to engage in political opposition and daring to engage in civil disobedience in defiance of governments presumed powers and authorities.
I encourage everyone to share this letter with everyone they know as part of the public interest and the public debate not only in seeking Truth and Justice in the outcome of this controversy in Oregon, but also in the interest of furthering the debate of the controversies associated with the policies of the United States and the several states to murder and prosecute anyone whom dares to question, challenge, oppose, or defy political authorities.
We all have a constitutional duty to seek peaceful political change. But the government also has a constitutional duty to permit peaceful political change, least their refusal and their persecution of political disidents incite riot, rebellion, insurrection, and civil war. For those officers and officials whom would order or enforce the targetting, killing, and prosecution of political dissidents as a means of destroying their lives and thwarting political movements seeking reform, accountability, and redress, we one and all should demand their impeachment, indictment, political, civil, and criminal prosecution, and enforcement of civil and criminal liability and punishment, and their removal and permanent bar from holding offices of honor, trust, or profit.
Our governance was institutionalized for the protection and enforcement of Justice and Liberty. It was not institutionalized to enable entrenched political powers to rule over us as chattle, or to slaughter or imprison us if we dare to exercise our constitutional rights in political opposition.
Respectfully, Robin W. Tongedit

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