Suppression of FREE SPEECH by the Feds? Nooooooooooooooooooo…

Federal Manhunt underway For Jon Ritzheimer

John Ritzheimer is wanted by the FBI for threatening a Muslim organization in upstate New York.


At approximately the 1 minute mark of the above video, John Ritzheimer cocks a pistol and yells “bring it on you Muslim ****s”. Federal authorities are now searching for John Ritzheimer for these threats he made against an Upstate New York Muslim Organization in a profanity laced video. The former Marine has suddenly stopped talking to investigators.   Local officials have been alerted, but nobody knows where he is.

“We are driving all the way to New York to see those ******* at the Islamic post who called me a ******* terrorist” – John Ritzheimer

Ritzheimer apparently made those statements towards a Muslim media entity known as “The Muslims of America inc.”.   They published an article that called Ritzheimer “the American Taliban”.   This is allegedly what prompted the response from Ritzheimer.

We kind of find it ironic that someone who makes so many negative statements about Muslims gets so bent out of shape when A Muslim returns fire on him.   Apparently it’s ok to mock them by organizing “draw Mohammad” cartoon events, but when a Muslim simply writes an article about you, you want to drive to go see them with a pistol?

Regardless if you like it or not, freedom of speech covers their article about you…

Fair is Fair….

Fair is Fair, Latausha Nedd was arrested for brandishing a pistol in a video while saying it’s open season on crackas and cops.  She was arrested by the feds.   When the shoe is on the other foot and you have someone brandishing a pistol in a video talking about driving up to see Muslims they are upset with you have to treat it the exact same way.

That is no way to conduct yourself in either scenario!

Oh The Irony….

Since writing this article ironically supporters of Ritzheimer began attacking the author of this article. There were everything from threats to attempts to defame the author with bogus information about drug charges. Essentially the exact same reaction to someones freedom of speech. It’d be unfair to assume everyone involved with Ritzheimer is extreme like this, but it is safe to say a group of people have had an extreme reaction to it, kind of like Ritzheimer did. But hey as they say “The gun wasn’t even loaded “

The Facebook Video Controversy

Many people have been pointing out a video Ritzheimer allegidly uploaded to his facebook account on November 29th. Please note in the below screenshot, the FBI sign says Phoenix, Federal authorities reported on the Today show that aired in the morning that they lost contact with Ritzheimer in Pennsylvania. Listen to the above clip they will say this.

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