You mean these SCUMBAG BLM niggers LIED? Im in shock here!

BREAKING; Shooting of Five BLM Protesters Was Self Defense


New details have come out about the alleged shooting of five blacks at a Black Lives Matter protest that casts huge doubts on their contention that the shooting was committed by “white supremacists”.   This appears to be another case of the media trying to make a case for racism as they always do before even waiting for the facts to come out.  But as we have seen so many times before, the story that comes from the media disagrees with the facts in the case.  Black Lives Matter protesters claimed “white supremacy” but the facts don’t match the narrative.

Furthermore, the Minneapolis police arrested the three whites despite the fact that they have recorded statements from two black protesters, who claimed the whites were attacked by protesters, making the shooting self defense and not attempted murder.  No black protesters were taken into custody.  The question becomes, “Is the MPD fully investigating the shooting fairly or are they willing to sacrifice the three for racial peace.”

It is important to note that the reason police know about the three white men is that the one who did the actual shooting contacted police and reported the incident himself.  Allen Lance Scarsellathe III, called a friend of his who is on the Mankato Police Department and confessed twice to being the shooter in a five minute conversation.

Scarsellathe told Officer Levin that he and some friends went down to the protest, so they could live stream the event.  The street is public property, but Black Lives Matter have blockaded both ends of the street and set up tents in the middle of the public thoroughfare.  The police have left them alone, not even maintaining a presence at the site.

According to the police report, the confrontation took place away from the original protest, that would indicate that the whites were trying to leave but that the protesters followed them.  According to two witnesses who were part of the Black Lives matter protest, a group of blacks surrounded the three and one rushed forward and hit one of the men.  It was at this point that the witnesses claim one of the white men was reaching as he was backing away.  I presume it was at this point that the shooting took place.

The unsettling thing to me is that the three whites were arrested and search warrants were issued looking for evidence, but not one protester has been locked up even though witnesses told the police the whites were attacked.  The police know this.  How do I know?  This is from the search warrant for Scarsellathe’s home and car:

On November 23, 2015 there were active protests at 1925 Plymouth Ave N. This is the intersection of Morgan Ave N and Plymouth Ave N. Roughly 22:30 hours, several white males joined the protests. Numerous protestors confronted the white males and a large altercation ensued. The altercation moved northbound on Morgan Ave N according to VICTIMS and WITNESSES.

So, unless you believe three whites assaulted dozens of blacks, you have to believe the two witnesses who said BLM protesters initiated it.


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