THIS is why the only good Muslim is a DEAD muslim..

Muslim HADJI Offended By What Girl Is Wearing… What Happens Next Means WAR!


As the refugee crisis continues to surge with Muslim Jihads flooding into Europe from their Middle East cess-pools we are receiving tons of shocking footage showing rioting, scumbags throwing away food and trashing city streets with their garbage and much worse!

Here we have footage of a Muslim animal that actually had the audacity to go up to a young woman and tell her that she ‘dressed like a whore.’ Then beats the living hell out of her!

These people need to understand that if you come to my country- you do what the hell I say! And if you want to get physical, I can absolutely guarantee you that within 2 -3 seconds your Muslim mouth will be full of good American dirt- or pavement, whatever. Understand this you smelly, useless Jihad scumbags. And there are millions of AMERICAN PATRIOTS that would love nothing more than to take care of some overdue business.

You Muslims have been lucky to have Hussein Obama, a full blown Muslim in charge of our country but make no mistake- that POS IS OUT OF HERE AND FROM THAT DAY ON YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. And if you are here, you will do what the hell we TELL YOU TO DO. And if we see you beating our women, you will pay a brutal price. Since I don’t want Obama’s gestapo coming to take me to a black room or a FEMA camp I will leave it at that. No brag- just FACT. This is AMERICA- DON’T YOU EVER FORGET IT MUHOMMAD!

My colleague Robert Rich at Mad World Newshas this:

Video of the incident was reportedly uploaded online back in July of last year after taking place in Rotterdam, Netherlands. When a Muslim man spotted a woman dressed a bit too immodestly in his opinion, he decided to go over and have a little chat with her about it.

Starting out the conversation by saying, “You dress like a whore,” you can probably understand the woman’s initial reaction to argue with the man. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the lighting of the Islamist’s incredibly short and intolerant fuse.

Without a moment’s notice, the Muslim man hauled off and slapped the woman extremely hard, sending her staggering backwards in shock and pain. The assault only continued from there, as fellow Muslims could be heard in the background laughing and cheering him on.

As he stepped in for another swing, the woman attempted to defend herself by hitting him with her purse, but it was to no avail. Although he missed with his second blow, he delivered another that would end in her toppling to the ground, presumably unconscious.

A fellow coward could then be seen stepping in to exchange a few words before kicking and stomping on the defenseless woman. Is this what we want in our country? Dude is beyond lucky I wasn’t there- I would have clocked his Muslim a** in a heartbeat. Pure evil and total trash.

If these Muslim cockroaches think that they can come to America and force their barbaric ways on us they are in for an EXTREMELY rude awakening.

Here’s the deal. Obama and Kerry have announced that the USA will accept over 200,000 of these so called ‘refugees’ over the next 2 years. I have a feeling that these 2 idiots will regret this move. What Obama doesn’t understand is that AMERICANS ARE FIGHTERS. WE ARE WINNERS. WE WON’T PUT UP WITH MUSLIMS BEATING UP ON WOMEN. IT’S SHTF TIME AND PATRIOTS WILL DEFEND OUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND OUR COUNTRY. WE HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY PATIENT BUT THE TIME IS NEAR. 


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