Luis “The Roach” Gutierrez Goes Berserk In House Hearings At Witness Who Exposed Him Belittling Kate Steinle’s Death

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The Illinois cockroach that represents illegal aliens in manipulating their way into theUnited States doesn’t like the fact that he was exposed, quoted and videotaped calling the death of Kate Steinle a “little thing.” He also doesn’t like the fact that his years of working to subvert and circumvent American immigration law have now clearly resulted in a lot of heat coming his way after the fruit of his labors resulted in the murder of Kate Steinle.

Luis “the Roach” Gutierrez (D-IL) made a couple of preemptive and more moderate than usual statements in earlier House hearings and he thinks that reading those transcripts in Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee hearings will somehow negate his career of subterfuge and his years of working to import Latino foreigners in direct violation of U.S. immigration law.

The subhuman cockroach also seems to believe that if he is loud enough in his berating of awitness who works in the field of illegal immigration at the Center for Immigration Studies,Jessica Vaughan, it will somehow cover his shameful history. Vaughan also lost a brother to one of Gutierrez’s illegal aliens and had a friend that was raped at knife point by another.

Gutierrez is all about importing Latino illegals. What has gotten his attention is the momentum to finally do something to correct the problem; to stem the invasion may have built to the point of something actually being done. His constituents, the invading foreign squatters and those who he seeks to import, may have a rougher time of it if the American public remains engaged. It is that engagement and his exposure for belittling the death of an American at the hands of one of his and Hussein Obama’s imports that likely hasGutierrez worked into a rabid, frothing frenzy.

Not only does he not have the decency to be civil to a witness that was invited to testify by the House, he’s not man enough to own up to his own treachery. The little cockroach chooses to raise his voice and berate a woman. One can’t expect an insect to behave like a man.

Ms Vaughan’s testimony is below followed by the despicable and shameful rants of the corrupt, anti-American Latino loudmouth.

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