The lines have been drawn

Something to think about.

The Patriot. The one who comes out of his fields,grabs a rifle to defend his country against the forces of Tyranny. To many he is looked upon as a hero. To many others he is looked down upon as a non compliant. To the Government, he is seen as a threat and well he should be seen that way. What gets lost in translation with the politician is at some point,they forget who they work for. The balance shifts from Public Servant to Dictator. And as history has proven time and time again,dictators fall to a bloody end. The Current administration CLEARLY does NOT have American interests in mind or the safety and well being of their employer, We The People. They would rather,in their blind convulsatory state,stuff thier accounts with our money,smile and lie telling us “its ok its in the interest of the country”. They will at EACH and every juncture try to silence the Patriot,Detain the patriot,disarm the patriot, because as we all know a government that fears its armed populous is CORRUPT. A patriot follows 3 things. God,The Constitution,and the Bill of Rights. The Patriot embraces the Second Amendment, not because it affords him a gun,but because it affords him UNDER LAW the last line of defense against a tyrannical government. A politician FEARS the Second Amendment because they know it is ABOUT to be used in its full force and effect. They try at ALL COSTS to destroy the Second Amendment so that they can destroy all the other rights it protects. The lines have been drawn here. The Patriot and the Enemy.This has gone PAST love for country. It is AT time for action. We STAND face to face with these lying bastards. Flinch. Go For it. Please! It will be at THAT moment you will get the reminder that YOU work for We The People and We do NOT bow to you. A Revolution was waged to FORM this Country. It is CLEAR its going to take another one to GET IT BACK. Remember this when they try to talk to you. Remember this when they are begging again for your vote. Remember all the American Civilians,Police,and soldiers that HAD TO DIE and above all else remember the days of walking the streets free and a patriot are of the UTMOST importance NOW. You have 2 choices. Die on your feet a free man fighting or drop to your knees a slave. Where do YOU Stand?call to arms

About davesimmons1234

A true American that is sick tired and fed up with minorities,government,and their attempts at turning this Great country into a vast waste land of welfare,thugs and savage black subhumans.Also cannot stand and WILL NOT support "refugees" that are Muslim and hell bent on destroying the USA. FUCK THAT! FULLY SUUPORT DONALD TRUMP and FULLY SUPPORT THE ARREST AND EXECUTION OF OBAMA AND CLINTON AND THE REST OF THEIR ILK FOR TREASON. Will NOT bow to ISLAM or those pussy ass people supporting that Cult NOR will I bend for any liberal Agenda. NRA member, Gun Owner and will take no shit from no one at no time so if you are a snowflake or emo bitch THIS is NOT the page for you.
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