Rest in Peace Sarge….

Chicago Police Sergeant Joseph F. Kosala Dead at 68 – Class of 25 OCT 1971 – Acclaimed Motion Picture Actor

Joseph F. Kosala is known for his work on The Fugitive (1993), Primal Fear (1996) and Above the Law (1988).
 He is a retired police sergeant from the Chicago Police Department.
As a detective in Chicago, he served in specialized units such as the Special Detachment – Burglary Area 6 Unit and the notorious Major Crime Unit.
As a police officer, he worked alongside fellow officers Dennis FarinaNick Nickeas, and Chuck Adamson. All of them finished their careers in law enforcement by working in the film industry.
Is a close friend of action-director Andrew Davis.
Our E-Mail:
I do not know how many of you knew Sgt. Joe Kosala but he was a sergeant in 019 when I was there. He was a man that you wanted as your sergeant! I will never forget when he got parts in the movies that Dennis Farina made with Chuck Norris. At Mike’s tavern, he got presented with a blue windbreaker from everybody. On the back it read, Joe Kosala, Police Sergeant and Movie Actor. He wore it everywhere! Some of you might remember the old squad that he had refurbished. He drove it around White Sox Park on the night Mullens was honored. He will be missed!

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