Some real COWARD ASS “judges” in this county. NAME THEM AND THEIR OFFICE NUMBERS

A Gift From Fire Fighters – Politically “Correct” Judges Tell Sheriff Flag Made Of Firehoses Cannot Be Displayed

085 hose flag 940

It is obvious that Portsmouth, VA is a liberal enclave, at least when it come to the judges who have infested their courthouse.

A few weeks ago Portsmouth Sheriff Bill Watson received a display of the American flag formed out of old fire hoses as receive a gift from members of the Portsmouth Fire Department. Watson, whose office is inside the courthouse, felt the appropriate location to display the work would be in the same courthouse lobby.

He submitted a request to the judges to have the piece mounted, to which he received a very unexpected response. He was informed that not only did the judges not want it mounted in the lobby, they didn’t want it in the courthouse at all.

One cowardly judge, who would only speak to reporters under the condition of anonymity, defended the action on a basis of the slippery slope argument of having to then allow every kind of display under the sun to be hung on the walls.

Of course that is a ridiculous argument. They just proved themselves to be capable of saying no and that ability hasn’t suddenly abandoned them.  This is America and that is our flag. We are not in Pakistan so they needn’t worry that someone is going to try to have their flag hung and it is not the confederate flag which folks might find offensive, nor is it the homosexual rainbow flag promoting their agenda. It’s the American flag, a symbol of our nation for all of our citizens, regardless of their personal viewpoints.

It is not offensive, it is our national symbol. If someone finds it to be objectionable, they are in the wrong place. They need to learn to live with it or move.

Those who sit in judgment of others in Portsmouth displayed an acute lack of discernment and common sense when deciding this issue. How many other obvious calls do they get wrong?

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