NEVER trust a Fed. EVER.

An open carry activist and military veteran speaking exclusively with Infowars says federal agents told him to “be quiet” for a year or face federal charges after being arrested by Department of Homeland Security agents at a political rally in Spokane, Washington.

The activist, Anthony Bosworth, was participating in the “Our State, Our Rights” rally outside the city’s federal courthouse when members of multiple federal agencies approached and began demanding identification.

While inquiring on the alleged need to provide ID, Bosworth was accused of being in violation of federal gun laws according to a DHS agent on scene.

“It’s against federal law,” the agent claimed. “18 U.S. C 930 says it’s illegal.”

Bosworth, correctly citing the law’s wordage, asserted that the restriction only applied to the inside of federal buildings.

“On federal property,” the DHS agent argued. “You’re on federal property.”

18 U.S. Code 930 in fact never once uses the words “on federal property,” but instead repeatedly refers to the possession of a firearm inside a federally-run building.

(a) Except as provided in subsection (d), whoever knowingly possesses or causes to be present a firearm or other dangerous weapon in a Federal facility (other than a Federal court facility), or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 1 year, or both.

After being confronted by a U.S. Marshall, Bosworth was arrested while attempting to locate the end of the federal property line.

“You’re not protesting. You’re violating the law,” the Marshall said.

According to Bosworth, who spoke with Infowars following his release, the same U.S. Marshall later attempted to coerce him into ceasing all political activity while in custody.

Bosworth stated that after receiving a citation, the Marshall said that he could likely avoid federal charges and prison time if he was “quiet for a year.”

“He basically said, ‘Between me and you some friendly advice, if you be quiet for a year there is a good chance this will all go away. Just some friendly advice,’” Bosworth recalled.

Shortly after, police and an FBI agent reportedly began asking Bosworth about his future plans and political activity, which has made headlines over recent months.

Bosworth was eventually allowed to leave after roughly 3 hours of questioning.

Following his detainment, Bosworth revealed that the same FBI agent, now using a different name, confronted him on the street and asked for a “private meeting.”

The agent reportedly stated that he lacked knowledge on the Second Amendment and wanted to learn Bosworth’s viewpoints, an obvious attempt to lure Bosworth into becoming an informant while gathering further information on his constitutionally-protected First Amendment activity.

Refusing to give the agent his cellphone number, Bosworth was eventually able to leave the area.

Bosworth’s treatment, from the clearly unlawful arrest to the attempt to quell free speech, is standard operating procedure among federal agents tasked with surveying politically active conservative Americans.

A gun store owner in South Carolina was confronted by FBI counterterrorism agents just last year and asked to provide information on “suspicious purchases” made by people talking about “big government.”

Both the FBI and Homeland Security have also taken an interest in war veterans, even claiming that they are the greatest terror threat to the nation.

The statement is unsurprising given the FBI’s most recent national terror threat assessment list, which makes no mention of Islamic terrorists whatsoever, instead focusing primarily on alleged right-wing groups.

The absurdity became even more apparent last year after a report in the Washington Free Beaconrevealed that Homeland Security maintains a “hands off” list of individuals with suspected ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other groups.

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