funny as hell but the TRUTH about the MUSLIM in the White House. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!

    Former “Saturday Night Live” star Victoria Jackson, a few years back, noted Barack Obama’s socialistic agenda and wrote and sang a ditty called “There’s a Communist in the White House.”

    It was viewed by hundreds of thousands.

    Now she’s released a new song that’s similar, and it’s going to send the monitors of politically incorrect speech into a frenzy.

    It’s called “There’s a Muslim living in the White House.”

    See it:

    She begins:

    He released terrorists from Gitmo, that our sons and daughters died to capture. Am I dreaming? His Cabinet is made up of Muslim Brotherhood people.

    Grabbing her famed ukulele, she sings:

    It seems these days I’m in a haze, and I can’t concentrate on things
    Can’t eat or sleep, feel incomplete, kind of scared and creepy
    I look over my should lots and shudder when I watch TV
    I bite my nails and cuticles and watch my words very carefully.
    I bite my lip a lot and fidget with the buttons on my blouse.
    Why? Because there’s a Muslim living in the White House.

    She continues with:

    Why aren’t people shocked or something? Why aren’t people up in arms? Does anyone read history or see black and white flags or hear alarms? The streets are filled with deaf and dumb as I squeak like a mouse. There’s a Muslim living in the White House.

    The video includes clips of Obama that support her statements.

    Jon Lovitz and Victoria Jackson

    For example, she cites that Obama’s middle name, Hussein, is Muslim; he was raised in a Muslim nation; his application to attend a Muslim school identifies his religion as Islam; in his book he says if the “political winds” ever shift in an “ugly direction,” he’ll stand with Muslims; he never uses the words Islamic and terrorist together, although most of today’s terror is carried out by Islamic terrorists; he calls the Quran “holy” but doesn’t describe the Bible the same way; says one of the prettiest sounds he’s ever heard is the Muslim call to prayer; is promoting Common Core, which teaches Islam to America’s children; and has Muslim Brotherhood influences in his Cabinet.

    Jackson’s song notes that “Only Brigitte Gabriel understands me, and of course, Sean Hannity, and Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and … the sweet people that drink the tea.”

    Jackson even includes Obama’s reference during an interview to “my Muslim faith.”

    WND called the White House with a request for comment, but the media office declined to listen to a question. WND was instructed to email the question, which was done, but no response followed.

    In Jackson’s website announcement about the video she includes links to support her message: “Islamic Terror Attacks in the Last 30 Days,” why Islam is a “false doctrine,” a report on Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett being an “Iranian-born Muslim Marxist,” how Hillary Clinton’s aide has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, an article about Obama as “The First Muslim President,” school children in California marking Hijab Day, and how Muslims burned alive a Jordanian pilot and threw a “gay” man off a building.

    Jackson notes the Quran was written hundreds of years after the Bible was completed but inverts some of the Bible’s stories, telling of Abraham and Ishmael rather than Abraham and Isaac and having the “guilty Judas die on behalf of the innocent Jesus, rather than the innocent Jesus dying on behalf of sinners.”

    “Islam teaches that Allah will punish Jews and Christians in hell for the sins of Muslims,” she noted.

    On Jackson’s website, a few commenters already had noticed the new release.

    There were multiple personal attacks and insults against Jackson, but her defenders also jumped into the conversation.

    “You get some help Jack. Victoria is speaking the truth, whether you like her goofiness [or], she speaks the truth, is that what bothers you?”

    Her earlier video:

    It begins, providing an outline for her later piece:

    It seems these days I’m in a haze
    And I can’t concentrate on things.
    Can’t eat or sleep, feel incomplete
    Feel kind of scared and creepy.
    I look over my shoulder lots
    And shudder when I watch TV.
    I bite my nails and cuticles
    And watch my words very carefully.
    I bite my lip a lot and fidget with the buttons on my blouse
    Why? Because there’s a communist living in the White House

    She cites the socialist leanings of Obama’s grandparents, communist leanings of his mother, the Marxist professors he had in college and his own links to the teachings of Saul Alinsky while related news clips – some from WND – flash on the screen.

    “He told Joe the Plumber, ‘Spread the wealth,’ which is a direct quote from the Communist Manifesto,” she continues. Then in office, Obama appointed Van Jones and took over the banking and car industries.

    “How much more proof do you want?”

    Jackson, a native of Miami, Florida, has been an outspoken opponent of Obama, participating in many tea-party rallies. She was on “Saturday Night Live” from 1986 until about 1992. She got a break in an appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson – reciting poetry while doing a handstand.


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