Welfare Fraud ? I think SO

What This Fat Welfare Slob Just Refused So She Can Stay On Benefits Will Boil Your Blood!
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image: http://patriotnewswire.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/fat-welfare-slob.jpg
fat welfare slob
Most people, even conservatives, will agree that everyone needs a helping hand at times in life, and they’re not to be faulted for that. However, what most people will also agree with, except for the most extreme liberals who want to believe that there is such an animal within the human race called a ‘lifelong victim,’ is that once you are able to do for yourself, you should.
Meet 28 year old Jodie Sinclair. Jodie lives in the U.K., and she’s living proof that our friends ‘across the pond,’ are being held captive by the fat, lazy, lifelong welfare types the same as we are in the U.S. You see, Jodie has been deemed, “too fat to work,” by the U.K. Government and thus has drawn the equivalency of more than $112,000.00 in disability benefits so far.
However, the U.K. Government has been trying to save Jodie’s life and get her off the public doll. They’ve offered to give her life saving gastro-surgery for free, reducing the size of her stomach and putting a band on it to control its growth, but Jodie has refused because she doesn’t understand why she would get healthy and then work for her money when the Government gives her her money for doing nothing but eating, playing video games on her Government issued cell phone, and… well, eating some more.
Jodie is actually pressing the Government to provide her with a free maid, via the taxpayers, because she’s now too immobile to clean her own home.
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