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Muslim Woman Arrested by Police – Now She’s Suing Them for ‘Religious Discrimination’

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Police in Michigan are facing down a Federal civil rights lawsuit, after arresting a Muslim woman and requiring her to remove her hijab, or head scarf.

Malak Kazan, 27, was pulled over for a traffic violation on July 9, 2014, and upon running her license, police discovered it was suspended. Kazan, who has several prior arrests and convictions, was detained for a traffic misdemeanor, and when they brought her to the station for booking, she was required to remove the hijab for her arrest photo — standard procedure in most states for any head coverings.

The Detroit Free Press reported:

Because of being forced to remove the veil, Kazan filed a discrimination suit against the Dearborn Heights Police. She claims discrimination because the tenets of Islam require the hijab for “covering her hair, ears, neck and part of her chest when she is in public and when she is in the presence of men who are not members of her immediate family,” according to the suit.

“Your religious freedoms are not stripped at the jailhouse door,” said her CAIR attorney Amir Makled, according to MyFoxPhilly. “It’s part of the cannons of their faith to wear a head scarf. For her to have it removed in front of a non-relative male, would be a non-pleasant experience for her.”

“Non-pleasant experience”? Um, that’s what happens when you break the law.

Dearborn Heights Police Chief Lee Garvin disagrees with her attorney, and he says that the police have to look out for their own safety before anything else.

“Articles such as hats, caps, hijabs, can contain concealable items that could pose a threat or chance of injury to the cops or to themselves,” Garvin said.

Kazan claims to have explained to an officer that she can’t remove the hijab because it’s a part of her faith that would be violated. Her suit said that she was told there are “no exceptions” to the head cover rule, and that she had to comply. She also said that her request for a female officer was denied by the department.

Screenshot 2015-01-25 at 6.27.39 PM

“Our procedure is to have them take the hijab off in the presence of a female… We don’t always have enough female officers present in the station. Our Number one concern is security of our officers and the prisoners.” Garvin said. 

That isn’t good enough for Muslim supremactists — who are always protraying themselves as “victims” of non-existent “Islamophobia.”

Chief Garvin has refused to apologize or cave in on this matter, for which he deserves much credit. However, as Eric Holder’s DOJ has intervened on behalf of Muslims on such matters in the past, this could become a “Federal case” very soon.

Of course, what is forgotten is all of this is that this woman has several prior arrests and convictions for various misdemeanor offenses, from driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance, and simple assault.

And while everyone does indeed have the right to religious freedom, certain rights are also suspended upon your arrest, which is for the safety of law enforcement personnel. Just as I don’t expect to be able to bring a gun into a police station after being arrested, I don’t believe that my religious rights are protected if they could possibly put an officer in danger, and being able to hide a weapon under a hijab definitely seems like it would pose a danger.

Hopefully the courts side with reason, rather than cave in to an aggressive minority that is ceaselessly claiming “victim” status, mindful of how demands for “Sharia” adherence by secular authorities in the past had led to major conflicts over Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis and Maine refusing to transport blind passengers with guide dogs, or even carrying closed bottles of wine — due to Muslim prohibitions.

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