What a bunch of JAGOFFS!

Pizza Delivery Man Thought He Had Been Given a $7 Tip — but What the Car Dealership Employees Did to Him After Has People Outraged

Maybe give these ASSHOLES at F&R Auto Sales a phone call….
And tell them how they are all JAGOFFS
(508) 678-3208
A car dealership is under fire after a video was posted to YouTube showing its employees arguing with a pizza delivery man over a $7 tip, with one of the staff members at the auto shop using expletives and calling for the man to be fired following a misunderstanding over the bill.
The deliveryman, identified in a Boston Globe report as Jarrid Tansey, an employee at Palace Pizza, can be seen on footage captured inside F&R Auto Sales in Westport, Massachusetts, Saturday, returning tip money he had been given during a previous trip to deliver food to the dealership.
The initial bill for the order of pizza and drinks came to $42 and some change and Tansey was reportedly given $50, comprised of two $20 bills and two $5 bills. The staffers apparently didn’t ask for change and the delivery man left with a $7 tip — or so he thought.

F&R Auto Sales reportedly called Palace Pizza and complained, forcing Tansey to return and give the money back. And that’s when the video was recorded of him verbally clashing with staffers.

While it is not confirmed how the clip was made public or who uploaded it, it appeared to come from surveillance video captured inside the shop; the initial YouTube clip has now been made private by the original poster, though it has been uploaded to Live Leak and at least one additional YouTube account.

“Here’s your change,” Tansey said to one employee upon returning to hand the money back. “It just doesn’t make sense why you would hand me a bill that you were just going to have me drive back here to give you back anyway.”


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