INSANE: Michael Brown’s Mother Makes Shocking Statement About Her Son [VIDEO]

Friday, November 28th, 2014

According to Michael Brown’s mother, who made an appearance with Brown’s dadon Charlie Rose’s PBS show Wednesday, her son was completely innocent and “begging for his life.”

The real story here should be, “Lesley McSpadden can speak to the dead,” as she apparently knows in detail every single action that took place on the day he was justifiably shot by officer Darren Wilson.

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It’s understandable that a mother and father would be upset that they lost a child, no matter the circumstances — no one is trying to take that away from them. They’re grieving parents and they’ll need a long time to heal from the loss.

However, the last thing that a parent should do, especially given the overwhelmingamount of evidence supporting officer Wilson’s account of what took place — even from black witnesses that live in the same neighborhood as Brown — is to go on the prime time news interview circuit and claim they know exactly what happened that day.

Rose posed the question, “Tell me what your understanding is of what happened between officer Wilson and your son.

Brown’s mom then stated, in vivid detail, as if she had a camera and an audio recording device embedded on Brown’s body during the incident, the events that she believes took place that day.

“My understanding,” she said. “Officer Wilson was driving down Canfield where my son was walking. He said some vocal things to him about getting out of the street.”

So automatically she paints Wilson as a cop who drives around cussing out people who are walking in the street.

Right, that’s logical.

The real gold is when she said, “Officer Wilson turned his vehicle as if he was blocking traffic … trying to get to my son, opening the door, hit him with the door and then attempted to grab him and making contact to the point where he’s pulling him towards him. And my son is trying to get away.”

Though it’s completely contrary to dozens of eyewitness reports, along with medical proof from several official autopsies — Brown’s mom insists that Wilson stopped everything, blocked traffic even, to hit this kid with the door of his car and then pull the three-hundred pound black man into the vehicle for a little close quarters combat.

She went on to insist that her son was “running for his life” and we also found out that she must have attended forensic pathology schooling, as she provides her sound theory on the events that took place when Brown lunged at Wilson, which again was proven by eyewitness and medical reports (H/T Breitbart).


“I believe he was shot closer and — I don’t think my son was launching IN any, I mean, any kind of way because of the way the bullets entered his body, and the things that they would do inside his body. While he’s constantly shooting him, there’s no way he get any strength or energy to launch at him at all,” Brown’s mom told Rose.

The interview is honestly difficult to watch, as she is still attempting to propagate this story that Wilson shot Brown purely because he’s a violent, racist cop who drives around looking for ways to start trouble with very tall, three-hundred pound black men in rough parts of town.
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