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FERGUSON – 65 St. Louis County municipalities join holiday criminal warrant forgiveness program for the wanted Negroes

UPDATED with more participating courts.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY   •   Sixty-five St. Louis County municipalities have agreed to participate in a warrant forgiveness program for the month of December.

The program, timed for the holidays, is sponsored by Better Family Life and the St. Louis County Municipal Court Improvement Committee.

The latter is a voluntary committee of judges, prosecutors, court administrators, community leaders and defense attorneys who have joined to reform the municipal courts, which have been scrutinized heavily for heaping fines upon the region’s poorest citizens.

See a list of the participating courts here.

As part of the program, defendants with outstanding warrants may go to the municipal court in question during regular business hours and have all their warrants dismissed if they post a $100 bond. The payment will not dismiss the underlying citations. Participants will be given a new court date and must show to avoid getting another warrant.

Some advocates of municipal court reform have argued it is only truly “amnesty” if it relieves the underlying citation as well, or else people will end up in the same cycle.



Stephen Brooks/News Tribune Gas-Chamber-02

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