Michael Brown’s Parents Demand UN Arrest Officer Darren Wilson

By , November 11, 2014.

Any day now a grand jury will announce whether or not they will charge Darren Wilson with the August shooting death of strong-armed robber and thug Michael Brown. All indications are that the police officer was justified and will not face criminal prosecution for the self-defense killing. It is also extremely unlikely that the US Justice department will file civil rights violation charges in the case.

Unwilling to accept that their son was responsible for his own death, Brown’s parents went before the United Nations to demand that the largely symbolic organization arrest Officer Wilson for torture and human rights violations.

Armed with the kooky notion that the UN somehow has authority over the United States, Lesley McSpadden (angry mom) and Michael Brown Sr. (proud papa) spoke to the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva, Switzerland today.

McSpadden didn’t say anything about the investigation into her own violent robbery, but was quite vocal to CNN about her violent robbery suspect son:

“We need the world to know what’s going on in Ferguson and we need justice. We need answers and we need action. And we have to bring it to the U.N. so they can expose it to the rest of the world, what’s going on in small town Ferguson,” said McSpadden.

Wow, she’s a needy one, isn’t she? Instead of constantly taking from society, like her son did, why not give a little something back?

Brown’s parents gave testimony to the UN committee behind closed door, but reportedly read a statement prepared by a variety of race hustling organizations. According to CNN the statement appealed to the committee’s interest in government abuse and torture:

The document says Brown’s killing and force used by police officers during protests that followed the killing “represent violations of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.”

And then, hilariously:

It requests that the U.N. panel recommend the immediate arrest of Officer Darren Wilson, who killed Brown, as well as an end to “racial profiling and racially-biased police harassment across the jurisdictions surrounding Ferguson.”

Just try to imagine if the UN sent police or troops into Missouri to arrest Officer Wilson. You think there’s unrest in Ferguson now; it would be a full-blown war zone with armed Americans repelling a foreign invading force.

The idea that the UN has the authority, or even the willingness, to arrest Darren Wilson is laughable. The most they can or will do is issue a letter of condemnation, which will be ignored like everything else they put out.

Michael Brown’s parents claim that they seek justice, but obviously that’s not true. A grand jury investigation is justice. A Justice Department investigation is justice. If both of those bodies fail to find wrongdoing on Darren Wilson’s part, justice has been served. The truth has been revealed.

Rather than justice, Brown’s parents want someone to arrest an innocent man because they refuse to admit their child did something wrong. That’s the opposite of justice.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this thing is never going to end. No matter how much Officer Wilson’s innocence is proven, Brown’s parents and the hustlers pushing them won’t let it go.

What happens if the UN fails to deliver this so-called justice? Will Brown’s parents appeal to the Intergalactic Council of Cosmic Justice or will they finally admit that they raised a child that robs convenience stores and attacks police officers?

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