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Federal appeals court upholds laws against gay marriage


    • Michigan same sex couple will continue to fight, will take case to US Supreme Court

      Updated: Nov 07, 2014 1:32 AM CST
      A Detroit area same sex couple says they will continue their legal fight despite Thursday’s decision in federal court.
    • Federal appeals court upholds laws against gay marriage

      Updated: Nov 06, 2014 5:49 PM CST
      Federal appeals court upholds laws against gay marriage in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee.
    • Skubick: Citizens ‘way ahead’ of legislators on expanding gay rights

      Updated: Sep 17, 2014 8:13 AM CDT
      Turns out the citizens are way ahead of legislators on the issue of expanding the state’s civil rights law to include members of the gay community to make sure they can’t be fired from their job or denied housing.
CINCINNATI (WJBK) –A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld anti-gay marriage laws in four states, breaking ranks with other courts that have considered the issue and setting up the prospect of Supreme Court review.

The ruling concluded that states have the right to set rules for marriage.

It followed more than 20 court victories for supporters of same-sex marriage since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act last year. A federal judge in Louisiana recently upheld that state’s ban, but four U.S. appeals courts ruled against state bans.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel that heard arguments on gay marriage bans or restrictions in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee on Aug. 6 split 2-1, with Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton writing the majority opinion. The ruling revealed Wednesday creates a divide among federal appeals courts, increasing the likelihood the Supreme Court will now take up the issue.
The issue appears likely to return to the Supreme Court so the nation’s highest court can settle whether states can ban gay marriage or that gay and lesbian couples have a fundamental right to marry under the U.S. Constitution. Thirty-two states recently asked the Supreme Court to settle the issue once and for all.

The high court on Oct. 6 unexpectedly turned away appeals from five states seeking to prohibit gay and lesbian unions. The court’s order effectively made gay marriage legal in 30 states. The San Francisco-based 9th Circuit Court of Appeals the next day overturned same-sex marriage bans in Idaho and Nevada, the fourth federal appeals court to rule against state bans.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently told a Minnesota audience that the 6th Circuit’s then-pending ruling would likely influence the high court’s timing, adding “some urgency” if it allowed same-sex marriage bans to stand.

Two Detroit-area nurses in a lesbian relationship argued in their lawsuit that the state’s constitutional amendment violates the U.S. Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause.

Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer sued two years ago to win the right to adopt each other’s children. But they refiled the lawsuit after Friedman suggested they also target the gay marriage ban.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder issued a statement on the ruling:

“When I became governor, I took an oath to support and defend our state constitution. This means there is no change in Michigan’s marriage laws. As I have previously stated, the same-sex couples who married at county clerk offices in the period between U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman’s ruling in March and the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ temporary stay of that ruling, were legally married.

“However, the Court of Appeals decision does not allow for state benefits of marriage for those same-sex couples in accordance with our state constitution. That decision only can be changed if today’s Appeals Court ruling is overturned.”

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette also issued a statement:

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has ruled, and Michigan’s constitution remains in full effect. As I have stated repeatedly, the U.S. Supreme Court will have the final word on this issue. The sooner they rule, the better, for Michigan and the country.”

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