couldnt POSSIBLY have anything to do with ISIS Terrorism or that PEACEFUL Islam religion oh GOD NO….that cant be because we dont want to OFFEND muslims Mother FUCK MUSLIMS!

Isaiah Marin
Jacob Crockett was 19-years old, but will never see another birthday. He was gruesomely beheaded by a 21-year old acquaintance, Isaiah Marin in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Police are currently saying there is no connection of this beheading to terrorism or any specific religious group, but rather that Marin was a heavy drug user who fantasized about killing a number of people, including his victim, Crockett.

Marin actually stopped the beheading just before fully completing the act, called police and told them that he killed someone. Police found him running in bloody clothes along the road holding the large knife that he used to commit the crime.

Stillwater Police Captain Randy Dickerson indicated that Marin was completely coherent when speaking about what he did to Crockett, who is the son of an Oklahoma Highway Trooper.  Authorities, however, do not believe at this moment that his father’s employment was the cause of Marin’s attack upon Crockett.

Fox 25 in Oklahoma reports that Marin was charged with first-degree murder on Thursday.

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