Eat shit and die you SHINES! Mike Brown deserved EVERY ROUND

Report: Darren Wilson Will Not Be Charged in Death of Certified Thug™ Mike Brown

Poor Negro Ran “NewsOne” Website…. What will they do now?
For months now they have been riling up the black animals and
now the MICHAEL BROWN SHOOTING is about to be determines as a JUSTIFIABLE POLICE SHOOTING!  

Reports from the internet hacking group Anonymous, which has proven to have left-wing leanings throughout the whole Mike Brown ordeal has leaked information that indicates that no charges will be filed against officer Darren Wilson who slayed the cigar thief.

It was also leaked last week that everything that has slowly trickled out to the press about the encounter and the injuries sustained by the officer seem to be factual. Thankfully it appears that a Grand Jury will not follow social pressure by the violent American-African mobs and indict based on fear.

What this means now is that there will undoubtedly be more violence and a special prosecutor will be appointed who will file charges or coerce a grand jury to do so much like in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.


About davesimmons1234

A true American that is sick tired and fed up with minorities,government,and their attempts at turning this Great country into a vast waste land of welfare,thugs and savage black subhumans.Also cannot stand and WILL NOT support "refugees" that are Muslim and hell bent on destroying the USA. FUCK THAT! FULLY SUUPORT DONALD TRUMP and FULLY SUPPORT THE ARREST AND EXECUTION OF OBAMA AND CLINTON AND THE REST OF THEIR ILK FOR TREASON. Will NOT bow to ISLAM or those pussy ass people supporting that Cult NOR will I bend for any liberal Agenda. NRA member, Gun Owner and will take no shit from no one at no time so if you are a snowflake or emo bitch THIS is NOT the page for you.
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