Really Pike County? REALLY?

Folks: The note below is from an attorney friend of mine TherealTrippleB. You should all take the time to read his comments about what’s going on in PA. It will make you sick.

“My video production was put on hold these past 5 weeks due to the circumstances in connection with the search for Eric Frein, and my legal investigations into police conduct in connection therewith. The residents of my county have been living in terror for over a month. Not from a midnight shooter, but the PA State Troopers. The Constitution, the concept of personal property, and equality under the law have all been effectively and indefinitely suspended in parts of Pike County Pennsylvania.

I have lost access to the private land I had planned to use for my new series of videos, and pending a conclusion to the manhunt I cannot foresee regaining access. Accordingly I am in the process of re-writing content to suit my old format.

Additionally, I have been flooded with complaints and testimonials of warrantless searches, home evictions, property damage, physical abuse, and the general treatment of my local residents as if they are the enemy of an occupying army.

The same week that these two local troopers where shot, 15 people were murdered in Chicago and there has been little fanfare or arrests made in connection with those murders. In Pike County however, Vietnam-era AH1-F helicopters patrol overhead, military checkpoints are posted to interrogate drivers and search vehicles, carrying a gun will land you handcuffed in an interrogation room for at least 24 hours, and threats are made to anyone dare questioning these actions.

Bottom line: “your rights only exists when the police say so.”

One example of the complete polarization of the attitude of the troopers was the treatment of ret. Chief Paul W. Dittmar; now 84 years old, the former NJ Police chief (who was Chief for 32 years) volunteered assistance to the manhunt. Upon his arrival to a local barracks he took a seat to await a meeting. Despite his friendly demeanor, a supervising officer who initially ignored him completely, decided, that since he was “unknown”, to draw his weapon on him, slam him up against a wall, handcuff him so tightly all circulation was lost in his hands, and interrogate him all afternoon. Mr. Dittmar was told he was going to be held as a person of interest until the commanding officer of the barracks told his goose-stepping thugs to let him go.

All local residents have been made to feel as though we are the enemy on the other side of a thin blue line. Unlike Mr. Dittmar, most residents live in fear of reprisal for revealing their feelings about the situation; others happily accept it as necessary. Regardless of one’s opinion in the response to the shooting, it is undeniable that the legal principals so many have bleed so much for can be suspended at any moment by those wearing a badge.

Most disheartening has been to see my fellow residents, who prior to this incident were vocal champions of liberty, now silent, slump-shouldered, just praying for it to end. They feel overwhelmed by the intimidating social narrative, that they must respect the actions of the police and honor them as heroes despite the blatant disregard of the law, and helpless to resist or even complain about the 5 week long unofficial martial law in their towns.”

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