Here officer officer….come on…good boy come get the donut.

The residents of Cleburne, Texas are up in arms after the department released video footage of an encounter between a police officer and some family dogs.

The incident occurred back in August and the officer claimed an aggressive pitbull charged at him, so he shot the dog three times, killing the animal. The newly released body camera footage does not seem to support the officers claim. According to CBS DFW,

In a report, the officer — who has not been identified — says he was called to Lindsey Lane after a woman called 911 because three pitbulls were snarling at the car door, preventing people from exiting.

The dogs, which belonged to a neighbor, were on the loose when police arrived.  One pitbull ran to the officer, tail wagging.  Body camera video shows the officer going behind the property, down an alleyway to where he located the other two dogs in a ditch.

In the video, the officer can be heard making ‘kissing’ noises at the dogs to calm them.  In the report, the officer says one dog growled, and took an aggressive posture.  The officer raised his weapon, and stated, the dog came up the hill growling and showing teeth.  That’s when the officer says he fired three times, shooting the dog dead.

“To call the dog and act like you’re going to be sweet to the dog, and you just blatantly shoot it, I don’t think that’s right at all,” says Virginia Granger, who lives on the street.

I consider police work to be one of the least rewarding jobs simply because officers are often put in a lose/lose situation so I give officers the benefit of the doubt. However, this video does not seem to match up to the officer’s statements in any way.

What do you think? Here is the full video:

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