typical NIGGERS making threats to get Faux justice for a shitbag that DESERVED what he got.



Protest leaders in Ferguson, Missouri promise more violence; far left agitators promised there would be mass violence if Officer Darren Wilson is not charged in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Via The Guardian:

Organizers of demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, promised to intensify their protests over the killing of Michael Brown if the officer who shot him does not face criminal charges, warning police that they are prepared to die on the streets for their cause.

Three prominent members of the protest movement that sprung up after the deadly police shooting of Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old, told a rally in New York on Tuesday night that there would be a fierce backlash if a grand jury declined to indict officer Darren Wilson.“If they can’t serve justice in this, the people have every right to go out and express their rage in a manner that is equal to what we have suffered,” said Ashley Yates, a co-founder of Millennial Activists United, who was arrested last week while protesting in Ferguson.

Yates spoke alongside Tef Poe and Tory Russell, activists for Hands Up United and the Organisation for Black Struggle, hours after it emerged that authorities in Missouri were making plans to deal with potential riots in the event of Wilson avoiding prosecution.

“We’re going to take our anger out on the people who have failed us, and if they are prepared to deal with that, then let them have at it,” said Yates. Poe said that while people in America often expected “casual revolution”, Ferguson may be “the moment when we can’t do that”.

In fact Ferguson officials have even drawn up an evacuation plan in case officer Darren Wilson is not charged:

Local business owner Tasha B from Belle Butters tweeted this out last Thursday:

Bele Butters is located just minutes away from the Ferguson QuikTrip gas station that was torched during the recent riots.

St. Louis Public Radio reported that Ferguson city officials are working on evacuation plans if Officer Darren Wilson is not indicted in the shooting death of Michael Brown:

Ferguson officials are working on plans to alert residents in case of future unrest, according to public relations strategist Devin James, who said he still represents the city on a pro-bono basis.
“Say for example, if there is an outbreak of something that goes on tonight and a protest goes from peaceful to violent, what are we supposed to tell residents to do? Are we supposed to tell them to evacuate, the National Guard is coming in? So a lot of those type of conversations are what they’re working on now,” James said.

City officials are preparing for all possible outcomes of the grand jury’s investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown, James said.

“I’m just being real. If there’s no indictment and there’s an evacuation situation, then we need to be prepared for that,” he said. “If there is an indictment and there’s celebratory unrest, we need to be prepared for that. The city and the law enforcement agencies are looking at all scenarios.”

Residents have not been told to evacuate yet, the town is just preparing for all possible outcomes.

While I understand the need to prepare especially given the threats from the agitators, it’s just sad that the town of Ferguson is preparing evacuation plans in case the grand jury does not indict officer Darren Wilson. It’s just goes to show what thugs these people are.

People will die according to this group, if they don’t get their way, no matter what the facts are.

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