Scumbag pandering TRAITOR…

Readers…find this ones office number post it and lets let this TRAITOR BITCH KNOW that THIS kind of pandering bullshit WONT be tolerated.

Arizona Dems Fly Mexican Flag

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)  

Volunteers for Arizona’s Democratic nominee for governor and sitting congressman flew a Mexican flag — and only a Mexican flag — on their parade float over the weekend.

Sonoran Alliance tweeted an image of the float in a Mexican holiday parade Saturday, which features banners in support of Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick and Democratic candidate for governor Fred DuVall, and a Mexican flag.

Kirkpatrick also tweeted an image of the float, but left the Mexican flag out of the picture.

A spokesman for Rep. Kirkpatrick’s campaign said the float was run by volunteers, and the congresswoman was not present. ”Ann was launching a canvass up north in Flagstaff that day, and volunteers put together the float in southern Arizona for the Eloy Fiestas Patrias parade,” he told The Daily Caller. “It is disappointing that some are politicizing this cultural event.”

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