Karma needs to find these cops in a dark alley with a long rusty bayonette and a shotgun


Jason Terry Stark was severely beaten by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies. Why?

Jefferson County, Missouri — Terry Jason Stark, 32, was admitted to Mercy Jefferson Hospital on January 22 with severe injuries from a beating he took at the hands of Sheriff’s deputies.  The beating was severe enough that one of the hospital staff remarked that it was “one of the worst beatings I have ever seen.” What happened?

Uncontrolled fury

Jefferson County Deputy Faulkner allegedly approached Mr. Stark as he stood near his truck and accused him of taking a small piece of steel pipe. Jason is a contractor, and according to online sources, has never been in trouble before. Did the deputy ask for an explanation before arresting?

The deputy attempted to handcuff him, and according to the probable cause statement, he “resisted.” The PC statement alleges that Jason “ran” from him. The deputy called for backup, and approximately 12+ officers showed up to the scene. When they arrived,  the deputy was struggling with Mr. Stark. The police affidavit states that Jason “kicked at the upper legs” of the officer(s), “attempting to cause bodily injury.”  They charged him with assaulting a police officer.

They also beat the living crap out of him.

Question: Logistically, how did this happen?

How could a man who was lying on his back with numerous police officers on top of him do any serious amount of kicking that would have created injuries? And why did he receive  such an horrific beating if his resistance was merely kicking at their legs?

It appears that officers, rather than simply “subdue” him, unleashed their fury. According to his mother, before they took Jason to the hospital, officers were overheard laughing and telling each other “yeah, we really boogered him up.”

The Injuries to Stark

Terry “Jason” Stark suffered severe injury to his right eye, mouth (broken teeth), fingers, and jaw. His face was battered and swollen, and he could not eat that first couple of days. He could not bend his hand, and his fingers  were broken. His skull had a dent where it appeared that he was hit sharply with a mag light. His family and friends were concerned that his jaw might have been broken.

“They stapled his head without anesthesia, they put stitches in his face, there is a dent in his head from being hit with a Mag light, he might have a broken jaw, and they broke some of his teeth out, and he has broken fingers on both his hands.” Paige Stark

A few days after the incident, this author spoke to his friend John, who told me that Jason did receive minimal medical treatment at the jail. He was starting to see out of his right eye, in spite of it being swollen, and had just started being able to eat.

Witness story different than police

Witnesses were his wife, Paige, his mother Rhonda, and his sister Jennifer, and his cousin Jesse. They stated that between 12 and 15 deputies assisted in the beating.

Jason’s wife Paige stated that one of the officers told her husband, ”I would have no trouble shooting you 30 times in your fu***** face.” One of the deputies also told her, “I have no problem shooting your husband in the face.”

Jason’s cousin Jesse Stark told reporters, “He was standing by his truck and two minutes later he was on the ground with a cop. The cop didn’t ever tell him why he was there and just said ‘put your hands behind your back,’ he was just standing by his truck.”

Stark’s injuries appear to contradict the police account. Cpl Daniel A. Lehman and Deputy Faulkner were two of the names on the police report. The officers did not mention anything in the probable cause statement about injuries to themselves, but later, at the first appearance, they claimed they were injured as well. There is a significant difference between an “attempt” to cause injury and an actual injury.

That should be an easy matter to determine, if they properly went to the emergency room for evaluation. If they did not, that question will remain open for debate. Most law enforcement agencies make it mandatory for officers to be checked out after any incidents involving a physical altercation in which there is an officer complaint of injury.

stark probable cause


Jason was denied bail at the first appearance, because the deputy who filled out the affidavit of probable cause wrote that he was a danger to officers. But on January 29, he was allowed out on a bond of $30,000. Stark’s wife Paige is a college student, and he is a contractor by trade. Without his ability to work, there is no income at all. They now have both medical and attorney bills, and the fight has just begun.

His friend John advised me that he was concerned that Jason might have possible brain injury after such a severe beating. John has worked for 9 years with visually impaired students, some of which have had brain trauma. He told me that his friend was in a great deal of pain.

A Facebook page has been created for Jason called #Justice4Jason. They are looking into ways to raise funds to  help with both medical and attorney bills at this point. A fundraiser was scheduled for February 1.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department mission statement reads:

We, the members of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, dedicated to taking pride in what we do, will demonstrate professionalism by our actions, appearance and communication.

Our commitment is to identify and apprehend criminals and investigate crimes with diligence and persistence, with consistency and fairness to all people, regardless of station or position.  We will exhibit integrity by being above  reproach personally, as well as, professionally and demonstrating leadership through good life and work habits. 

By acquiring knowledge through the sharing of ideas, we pledge to perform our duties to the highest standard, to   promote a safe, secure and peaceful environment for the citizens of Jefferson County to live, work  and raise their families.”



REALLY? Sounds a lot like those BASTARD COWARDS that beat the homeless man to death.

Remember this Officers,you have to leave work. You have to travel home. Remember that you beat a man for no apparent reason. Also remember that I along with MANY others will shed not one tear should KARMA find you and splatter your COWARD LYING ASSES all over the insides of your patrol car.I truly hope KARMA finds you sons of bitches.

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