Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart hides from the media today after he forces CBS’ Mike Krauser to remove a news story about Sheriff Dart now carrying a gun

PHOTO: Sheriff Tom Dart hangs tightly on to his toupee as he hides from the media today

Sheriff Tom Dart, a far left wing liberal gun hater, hid from the media today after he forced a local newsman to remove a news story that told the public that TOM DART is now carrying a handgun.

What is still in question today is, WAS TOM DART COMMITTING A FELONY BY CARRYING A LOADED HANDGUN ON HIS PERSON?  Illinois State Laws mandate a certain number of hours of education, training and firearm range time to qualify to carry a weapon as a law enforcement official. From what we have determined, Sheriff Tom Dart NEVER completed these requirements thus placing Tom Dart in violation of the law, a felony in Illinois.

Tom Dart in an attempt to pander to the voters publicly declared he was going to deny as many concealed/carry permits as he could under law… but because Tom Dart is “special” he will arm himself with a handgun…..


You were right all along!!! Dart cuts speech after starting to lose his toupee at 3.50 mark. This is no joke..

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