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Knock-out with gunfire
ends white father’s life in Indianapolis

It appears to be a new version of the Knock-Out “Game” in which the attackers use guns rather than fists.

Two brothers with black names arranged to meet with James Vester, 32, to sell him an iPad they advertised on Craig’s List.

When Vester showed up at an apartment complex to make the purchase, he was met with gunfire. News reports say Vester was armed with a handgun and that the alleged killers didn’t take anything. It appears they profiled the man as white and killed him for sport; a Knock-Out “Game” with a gun instead of a fist.

“Police arrested Tryon Kincade, 19, and his 18-year-old brother Tyshaune and preliminarily charged them with murder and robbery,” according to WTHR-TV.

Police refused to release mug shots of the alleged killers citing an ongoing investigation.

Vester was a sergeant first class in the National Guard and leaves behind a widow and an infant son.

Vester’s murder is the seventh in four days in Indianapolis. Two zip codes in Indianapolis, 46208 and 46205, are listed among the most violent in the nation. Both are predominantly black residential areas.

Brothers arrested for west Indianapolis Craigslist murder

By Jeremy Brilliant /

INDIANAPOLIS – Teenage brothers have been arrested for the murder of a man who thought he was meeting them to buy an iPad featured in a Craigslist ad.

Police arrested Tryon Kincade, 19, and his 18-year-old brother Tyshaune and preliminarily charged them with murder and robbery. The Kincade brothers were allegedly involved in the shooting death of James Vester on Wyckford Drive Wednesday afternoon.

It’s a picture that’s been shared thousands of times on social media, seen across the country and perhaps beyond – Jim and Jamie Vester and their one-year-old son, Gavin.

“I’ve had friends that do not know Jamie that have said, ‘I look at this picture and I see my young family. I see me. I see my kids’,” said Sarah Benson, a close family friend.

Maybe because of that, what happened is so relatable. A deal found on Craigslist, an iPad, as a Christmas gift. Only in this story, the ending is tragic.

“Pay full price. A Craigslist deal is not worth a life. Just pay full price,” said Benson.

Wednesday afternoon in a parking lot at the Wyckford Commons apartments, 32-year-old Vester arrived to make the iPad purchase, only to be met with gunfire.

“Do they sit and realize that they’ve taken this little boy’s father away from him,” Benson asked about the brothers accused of murder.

Police won’t comment on the investigation, but friends say Jim, a sergeant first class in the National Guard, was armed with a handgun. They also say the suspects got away with nothing.

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