AGAIN a call to arms…..

General Vallely says we may need to rise up

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This morning General Vallely was interviewed on Misguided Children radio. He stated that because of the corruption and voter fraud that is occurring around the country, the people may need to rise up and take arms to take back control of the country. He did say there were bright lights in both of the major parties, though. This also follows his call for the resignation of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker John Boehner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The resume of General Vallely

In a previous article by Misguided Children on General Vallely, he is not the sort who would make these calls lightly. Major General Paul Vallely  commanded special operations troops. He stated this morning that there were special operatives in Tripoli, with two even making it to Benghazi, along with more within an hour and a half away. General Vallely has the background and the experience to know this. He has also been active writing books, being a political analyst and trying to bring patriots together with Stand Up America. This all lends itself to his credibility. The General has also been working beside Lt. Col. Allen West, who calls him a mentor, and Senator Ted Cruz on issues.

general vallely


Another part of the interview, General Vallely discussed how Benghazi was about running guns into Syria, which has gotten into the hands of terrorists. The General has toured Syria and see there as being no other reason for a US Ambassador to have been in a city where other nations had pulled out of.

General Vallely and politics

General Vallely stated this morning that people have pressed him to run for President of the United States. Though, like President Washington, he has no use for political parties. He also says he could see Lt. Col. Allen West as the Secretary of Defense. He also discussed that if we did have to take up arms to take the country back, the interim government should only exist for about a year before we got an elected one back in place.

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