Hmmm the Jackboots trying to silence the voice?

Tell ya what…IM gonna make this VIRAL…come in MY garage talking shit….you wont like how I respond. Beat an old man? You stump jumping ass plugs have NO CLUE the can off ass whooping I will open up. 



The prominent investigative blogger Roger Shuler was arrested and beaten by Shelby County sheriff’s deputies, while in his Alabama garage, the evening of October 23, 2013. Shuler faces charges for declining to stop posting articles on an alleged affair involving Robert Riley Jr.; Alabama’s most prominent political family and an attorney with lobbyist Liberty Duke.

Allegedly, the police did the beating and attack with MACE in his garage, holding Shuler on two contempt of court charges and one count of resisting arrest. Refusal to set bond by the judge, allows the authorities to hold Shuler for an undetermined period, lasting many months.

Currently Shuler remains in jail, while his wife remains barricaded in their home out of fear.
Shuler has been writing news on Rob Riley Jr, son of two-term Alabama Governor Bob Riley on allegations of an affair with Liberty Duke. Shuler cites sources saying she had an abortion based on the affair.



Robert Riley Jr. has denied these allegations, saying he is unable to get a woman pregnant. Riley has attempted suit against the Shuler family for defamation.
Shulers report on October 21 stated:
“Alabama Republican Rob Riley has filed a proposed court order that seeks the arrest of my wife and me for reporting here at Legal Schnauzer on Riley’s extramarital affair with lobbyist Liberty Duke.

Riley, who reportedly plans to seek the U.S. House seat being vacated by Spencer Bachus, wants two citizens arrested for–get this–practicing journalism. . . .

The skinny? Rob Riley is deeply connected to some of the most corrupt activities in modern American political history. So it should be no surprise that, contrary to his “pro family” and “pro life” public stances, Riley engaged in an affair with Liberty Duke that led to an abortion and the payment of $250,000 in hush money. It also should be no surprise that Riley is trying to quash our reporting on the subject, especially now that Spencer Bachus has surprised many observers by deciding to abandon his safe Congressional seat.
How exactly is Rob Riley trying to circumvent the First Amendment and force our reporting out of public view? The latest salvo is found in a cover letter and proposed court order, dated October 7 and prepared under the name of Jay Murrill, an attorney in the Riley Jackson law firm. … The proposed order explicitly seeks to have my wife and me arrested if we failed to appear at a court hearing that was set for last Thursday (October 18) at the Shelby County Courthouse in Columbiana. The hearing was designed to hold us in contempt for refusing to abide by an unlawful preliminary injunction.”

Popular attorney columnist Ken White sums it up;

“Riley sued Shuler for defamation. That much is unremarkable. Defamation isn’t protected by the First Amendment when it constitutes false and unprivileged statements of fact.

But Riley went further. He got Alabama Circuit Judge Claude D. Neilson to issue a preliminary injunction — that is, an order issued before there’s been a trial — prohibiting Shuler from saying certain things about Riley …

That order — forbidding Roger Shuler from saying something before he says it — is called prior restraint, and it is widely acknowledged to be a violation of First Amendment rights in all but the most extreme circumstances.

Roger Shuler continued to utter his accusations about Riley despite the injunction. Riley asked the court to hold Shuler in contempt. … Though there are differing accounts, it appears that he was arrested for contempt for violating the unconstitutional injunction.”

This is a chilling effect.

Shuler goes under “Legal Schnauzer” and he discusses the lawsuit against him on YouTube. He also posts his articles on blogspot.



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