An URGENT call to ARMS

While we were watching the Reed-Cruz war get set into motion, Monday Night Football, our favorite Monday evening programs on cable or satellite, or basically living our lives, it seems the Department of Defense was preparing for something that could effect the very defense of our great nation. A memo was sent out Monday, September 23, 2013, and then broadcast on the Department of Defense Facebook page on September 24, 2013. The message was short sweet and to the point that their workers need to prepare for a government shutdown.

The letter that appeared on Facebook comes directly from the Department of Defense Facebook page can be seen here.

DoD letter

This does not appear to be a mistype or a misquote from the government office. It can be found on the Department of Defense web site and the Department of Defense Facebook page. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry seem not only aware of it, but have apparently endorsed the letter that went out.

In the letter they claim that all United States Military will be left in place (with or without pay is undisclosed) but the civilian employees will face unpaid furlough.

Then again came a threat to Military and Veteran Pay checks, not directly from the Department of Defense but via the Military Credit Unions that are owned and operated by our current and prior armed forces who are members. The following can be found directly on the Navy Federal Credit Union web site:

Credit union announces contingency plans ahead of possible government shutdown

VIENNA, Va., Sept. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – Navy Federal Credit Union today announced its plans for supporting its members should Congress be unable to come to agreement on a continuing resolution and the government shuts down as of midnight, 30 September.

“Our number one concern is our members and their families. That’s why we’re pledging to cover the direct deposits for our active duty members,” said Cutler Dawson, Navy Federal president and CEO. “By covering their 15 October pay, our active duty members will not see a difference in their direct deposit amount—as if there were no shutdown.” Dawson also noted that members should know that their 1 October direct deposit will be processed normally. 

In April 2011, the credit union committed to covering direct deposit for its active duty military members when the government threatened a shutdown. Unlike 2011, however, in which pay for civilian Department of Defense employees was guaranteed, the situation for them now is uncertain. 

Navy Federal already has a program in place for civilian employees affected by sequestration. This program features a specially priced line of credit, along with other forms of financial assistance. This remains in place for all affected federal government employee members in the event of a shutdown.

More information on Navy Federal’s contingency programs can be found at

About Navy Federal Credit Union: Navy Federal Credit Union is the world’s largest credit union with more than $54 billion in assets, over 4 million members, 234 branches, and a workforce of over 11,000 employees worldwide. The credit union serves all Department of Defense and Coast Guard Active Duty, civilian, and contractor personnel and their families. For additional information about Navy Federal, visit

Contact: Michele Townes 
Corporate Communications 
Phone: (703) 206-3828 

SOURCE Navy Federal Credit Union”

Ladies and Gentlemen, may we suggest that this fight has no longer embraced a point of funding typical government programs, but may well cross over into holding the lives of our military, our veterans, and their families hostage.

We have to look deep at what the hold up is. The House passed a bill Friday September 20, 2013, to fund the government fully with one exception, not funding the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. This is driving the cost of healthcare up, lowering the amount of providers, and is a train wreck to implement. Nobody read the bill, and even the House of Representatives and the US Senate opted themselves out of the bill. There are things in it like the IRS having access to your financial records and weather or not you have a gun in your home that is not conspiracy theory, it is in the bill, that have nothing to do with your healthcare. No my friends, this is not about funding the government.

This is indeed an all or nothing approach by the Administration, the Democratic Senators, and two Republican Senators that we have to fund an unpopular bill, as is, with no amendments or they will shut down the government. They don’t want it for themselves and won’t even propose that they have to take it in order to pass the issue. There is no talk of them giving up their paycheck to keep from bankrupting the American People. No, this is an all out hostage situation, and now our Military, Civilian Employees, and Veterans are the victims.

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