As soon as that gun came out they should have shot the fuck out of this clown ICE worker or not.

Governement Employee Beats Up Tow Truck Driver for Doing His Job




In January, an officer of the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement was caught assaulting three tow truck drivers. The officer whose name is Pablo Morales, along with his son and a friend involved in the attack.


The attacks were caught on camera. According to reports, the three men showed up to the tow yard after Morales’ son’s car was towed in downtown Orlando.





In the video, you can see the men get into an argument with the tow company employees and then they start to assault them.


During the fight you can see Morales reach into his bag and pull out his firearm.


This past week Morales’ felony charges were dropped because he pleaded guilty for a lesser charge. He is also being forced to attend anger management and perform community service.


The department of U.S Immigration and Customs has not yet commented on Morale’s status as an employee.


See the full video here:



Do you think he should have received a felony charge?


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