More “peaceful religion” Propaganda from TERRORISTS AND SHARIA LAW MONGERS…

“MAMAF – Million American March Against Fear” Join AMPAC on a Historic Moment on 9/11/13 for Establishing the Humanity and Justice through Civil Rights Movement

 AMPAC National News: Washington DC, Feb 2013

Brothers and Sisters In The Struggle For Peace and Justice,


On September 11th, will you stand in peace with us?


Event: MAMAF – Million American March Against Fear on 9/11/13



AMPAC – The American Muslim Political Action Committee AMPAC in cooperation and solidarity with PANDAA – People Against the National Defense Authorization Act, AMA – American Muslim Alliance,  AMT – American Muslim Task Force, NDPAAC – National Democratic Party  Asian American Caucus, NYDPAAC – New York Democratic Party Asian American Caucus, NABAB – North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh, MDPAAC – Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus, CLA – Community Leadership Affairs, SACC – South Asian Chamber of Commerce, Mosque Care, DC Area 9/11 Truth Movement ,A&E –   Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Movement, OWS Movement, CAIR Los Angels Chapter, MAS Freedom – Muslim American Society, MMAT –  Muslim Marching Against Terrorism, MD Rabbi Alam – the Founder of AMPAC, Richard Gage – the Founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Movement, Dr. Kevin Barrett – the National Spokesperson for Muslim Think Tank, Imam Mahdi Bray the National Executive Director of MAS Freedom, Will Coley National Political Director of Muslim for Liberty and AMPAC organizer of Tennessee and The March Against Drones (MAD) will be gathering on the National Mall, and then launching a march on the halls of power.



We invite you to stand with and join us to Rally Against Fear at 12 noon on The National Mall, then the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House, to hold truth to power at the three major branches of American government.



We ask all individuals and organizations working for peace to attend this collective action to tell our Government leaders we want transparency and policies of peace.  In the past 12 years since 9/11 the United States government as failed to protect and promote Constitutional liberties and human life, here and abroad.  We feel that accountability in government has been ignored and the time has arrived to collectively speak truth to power.


Speaking will be experts and individuals on the lack of transparency and questions plaguing 9/11, steady erosion of domestic civil liberties, drone policy and the very dire effect of these on of plight of American Muslims here at home, and Muslim communities globally in the scope of U.S. imperialism, and the modern face of resistance to unmanned aerial surveillance and warfare.


At 2:00 pm we will embark from the Rally Against Fear, and onto the March Against Drones.  The march will go from the rally point between 7th and 14th Streets on the National Mall to the Capitol building, around the Capitol, and onto the street between the Supreme Court and Congress.  We will rally there, in the streets, for about 15 minutes, and then we will continue.  We will take Constitution to Pennsylvania Avenue and down to the White House, where we will rally again in the street between Lafayette Park and the North Lawn.



This will be a professional, positive, and proactive event for the whole family, as we expect very soon for the National Park Service to grant us the permit we requested.  At 2:00 pm we will embark from the Rally Against Fear, and onto the March Against Drones.  The march will go from the rally point between 7th and 14th Streets on the National Mall to the Capitol building, around the Capitol, and onto the street between the Supreme Court and Congress.  We will rally there, in the streets, for about 15 minutes, and then we will continue.  We will take Constitution to Pennsylvania Avenue and down to the White House, where we will rally again in the street between Lafayette Park and the North Lawn.



We will have water available for anyone that needs it, we know it is a healthy march, but we feel it will call due attention to the issues at hand, and that it is worth the challenge.  We hope you do too, and we sincerely hope you bring your good energy, your friends and family as well, and you stand up and speak out with us.  Love, light, and solidarity to you!





Isa Hodge – Chief of Operation MAMAF (AMPAC)

Chris Phillips & Darrell Willis – Directors Marching Against Drones

Greg Boyd – Executive Member DC Area 9/11 Truth Movement

Daniel Johnson – Founder, PANDA

Michael T. Leslie – National Spokesman, National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (NDPAAC)

MD Rabbi Alam – Founder, AMPAC

Dr. Kevin Barrett – National Spokesman, Muslim Think Tank

Richard Gage – Founder, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Imam Mahdi Bray – Executive Director, MAS Freedom

Abu Zafor Mahmood – National Political Director, NABAB

Ishaq Beg – Executive Member, AMA

Angela Habibullah, Attorney-at-Law, Executive Member, Mosque Care

Amanda Buckner – AMPAC South Carolina Organizer

Will Coley – Muslim for Liberty, AMPAC Tennessee Organizer

Many non-Muslim Americans are terrified of Muslims, who are portrayed by Hollywood and the US media as fanatical terrorists. Muslims, too, live in fear – of being dragged off in the night to Guantanamo and tortured, simply for the crime of being Muslim in the wrong place at the wrong time.
After discussing the matter with both Muslim and non-Muslim leaders last week, the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) has decided to abandon the “scary” Million Muslim March. Instead, it will launch a Million American March Against Fear. The march will still target the White House in Washington, DC. And it will still be held on September 11th, 2013.
Why march against fear on 9/11?
September 11th, 2001 was the beginning of a new era of fear. Since 9/11, Americans have been terrorized by the media. They have been taught to fear their neighbors. They have been inculcated with fear of other religions. They have been brainwashed into fearing people with brown skins, turbans, and foreign accents.
The BBC documentary The Power of Nightmares explains how global political elites have embraced the politics of fear. As the BBC film explains, all of this fear is based on myth, not reality. The BBC even admitted: “Al Qaeda is a myth.”
Whether or not Al Qaeda is completely mythical, the so-called “Islamic terrorist threat” is pure hallucination. FBI statistics prove that Americans are far more likely to drown in their bathtubs, or be hit by lightning, than to be killed by terrorists of any kind. And Muslims commit only 6% of terrorist attacks in the US – fewer than are committed by radical Jews, and vastly fewer than those perpetrated by leftists and hispanics.
There is no reason for Americans to be afraid of Muslims.
And Muslims should not be afraid of non-Muslim Americans. Most Americans are generous, tolerant, and committed to American ideals of religious freedom. It is only a certain faction of American elites who have hijacked the nation and turned it away from its Constitution.
It is time to tell the politicians that we are not afraid of each other – or of them.
It is time for us to stop cowering in our homes, and take to the streets.
It is time to join together and reject the politics of fear.
It is time to speak out and reject the destruction of the Constitution of the United States of America. The neocons were able to shred the Constitution because they succeeded, temporarily at least, in making us afraid of each other. But there is nothing to fear. Terrorism is not a statistically significant threat.
They wrote the Patriot Act before 9/11, and rushed it out immediately after 9/11. We accepted it because we were afraid. The two US Senators who were not sufficiently fearful – Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy – got US government anthrax in the mail.
After that, they too were afraid. They stopped asking questions about 9/11 and the Patriot Act, and just went along with the program.
But as the 12th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, we now know that there is nothing to fear. The whole “terrorist threat” is a hoax invented by fear-mongering politicians to control our minds and pick our pockets.
We shouldn’t fear the truth about the 9/11-anthrax events, either. Only fear can keep preventing a real investigation of these crimes.
As President Franklin Delano Roosevelt so memorably put it: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
“Al-Qaeda” cannot destroy the Constitution of the United States of America. Only fear can do that.
“Al-Qaeda” cannot even find an operative smart enough to know that plastic explosives cannot explode without a detonator. If you smuggle plastic explosives onto an airplane in your shoe, or tucked into your underwear, and try to light them on fire, the worst thing that could happen is that they might catch fire and burn your own foot, or your own crotch.
Plastic explosives without a detonator is sterno camping fuel – nothing more.
But “al-Qaeda” operatives like “shoe bomber” Richard Reid, and “underwear bomber” Abdulmutallab, are so stupid, so clumsy, so utterly incompetent that not only do they not understand the need for a detonator – they can’t even manage to light a fire and properly burn themselves.
If you’re a smoker, don’t ever ask these guys for a light. You’ll be waiting all day as they try, unsuccessfully, to light a match or a cigarette lighter.
“Al-Qaeda” is a joke.
And so is the whole “war on terror.”
If the United States of America is to remain a constitutional democratic republic, the American people need to stop being afraid.
They must stop being afraid of each other. And they must stop being afraid of the truth.
Please join the Million American March Against Fear in Washington, DC on September 11th, 2013.
Sincerely                                     Dr. Kevin Barrett                                    Isa Hodge
MD Rabbi Alam                            National Speaksperson,                         Chief of Operations
Founder, AMPAC                         Director of Media & Outreach                  MAMAF on 9/11/13                             
(202) 618-0048                             (608) 583-2132                                       (816) 482-6893
Million American March Against Fear (MAMAF) on Facebook:

We at AMPAC (American Political Action Committee) are planning an historic event for 9.11.13 where one million Muslims will march to Washington D.C. and demand that our civil rights be protected by our government.


We are demanding that laws be enacted protecting our 1st amendment . We are asking President Obama to fulfill his promise from his first campaign for Presidency of a transparent government. Lastly we are asking for the release of the 9/11 commission report to the American people.


On 9.11.01 our country was forever changed by the horrific events in New York. The entire country was victimized by the acts done on that day. Muslim and Non Muslim alike were traumatized but we as Muslims continue 12 years later to be victimized by being made the villains. To this day every media outlet and anti Islamic organization has committed slanderous and libel statements against us as Muslims and our religion of Islam.


Yet our Government either sits idly by and does nothing to protect our freedoms or it exacerbates the problem with its constant war on terrorism in Islamic countries, congressional hearings on Islam in America, and its changes to the NDAA law.


These lies told to the American population has made it impossible for us to do true Dawa. Why do we have to defend our religion while doing Dawa? Why can’t we just share the perfection of the Quran and the beauty of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SWS)?




It is time for us as Muslims in America to stop being defensive and start being proactive by using our right to vote and our freedom of assemble and let our voices be heard by our country and the world. Stand with us help us fight the injustices being committed against us.


Help us to wake the American citizen up to the truth and together Muslim and Non Muslim can take our country back to its true Democracy which is “For the people by the people”. Our Prophet in his final message told us: “Whoever sees an injustice should set it right by means of his hand; if not, by his tongue; if not, then by his heart and that is considered to be the weakest of faith.” And more to the point “If my nation are afraid to say to the oppressor, ‘O oppressor!’, then there is no hope in them.”


Sincerely your Brothers and Sisters in Islam


On behalf of AMPAC

Isa Hodge, Chief of Operations            MD Rabbi Alam

AMPAC                                                 Founder, A



end of islam


muzzie que



Brace yourselves for CONFRONTATION


Hopefully a few of you TERRORISTS get to meet Allah.

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