legit…really! Rev. Tyrone Crider Sr., a Morgan Park colored pastor quits his RTA post after it os revealed he owes Illinois $91,000.00

City Workers, Cops or Firefighters who owe just for a parking ticket can be suspended without pay… But the race baiting Rev Crider Sr. is exempt from that…. 
A Cook County appointee on the Regional Transportation Authority board resigned Wednesday after it was disclosed that he has failed to repay a $91,000 state social services grant.
The Rev. Tyrone Crider Sr., a Morgan Park pastor named to the RTA in 2008 by former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, told the Tribune he was quitting so he wouldn’t be a “distraction.”
Current President Toni Preckwinkle accepted the resignation, saying she’s known Crider for years but was not aware of the cloud over him. A longtime civil rights activist, Crider was Operation PUSH executive director in the early 1990s.
Additional Story on the Holy Rev Crider Sr.:
Metra, Pace and the CTA have paid a total of more than $60,000 to a monthly newspaper run by a member of the RTA board, which funds and helps regulate the public transit agencies, records and interviews show.
Beside being on the RTA board, the Rev. Tyrone Crider also publishes the Christian-oriented newspaper the Gospel Tribune, which is distributed to black churches in the Chicago area and claims a readership of 50,000 people.
Most of the money that the transit agencies under the RTA’s purview have paid to the Gospel Tribune has been for advertising. Metra also has paid the Gospel Tribune to hold conferences to help minority contractors learn “how to do business with Metra.”
Crider acknowledges that he’s making money off the agencies he helps regulate.

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