Repost: Lets do this NATION WIDE! FUCK Obama Drones.

The Obama Peace Prize Death Drones Should Be Limited To Military Use Only.

The Obama Peace Prize Death Drones Should Be Limited To Military Use Only.

Nigel and EagleBy Nigel J. Covington III

<National Report> Deer Trail, Colorado, a small town of 500 located 60 miles east of Denver have responded to recent government news of drone deployment across America. The fine people of Deer Trail will soon be offering a bounty for any drones damaged or shot down to anyone who has paid the $25 fee required for a drone-hunting license.

Called the “Anti-drone ordinance,” which you can read here:

Screen Capture from Deer Trail's Website

Screen Capture from Deer Trail’s Website

According to town leaders, no background checks are required and all licenses will be issued on an anonymous basis. There is no residency requirement to get your license but the law does stipulate all drone-hunting is to be conducted within the town limits of Deer Trail. The ordinance further stipulates that applicants must be 21 years old and over and be “able to read and understand English.”

The proposed ordinance restricts drone-hunting weapons to shotguns “12 gauge or smaller.” The ordinance states Deer Trail is “a sovereign political entity entitled to maintain the security of its airspace.”

Bounties are to be paid as follows: Bring in a fuselage or a wing with markings from the U.S. government, and the town will pay you $25. A whole drone is worth $100. The measure goes before the town council on August 6th.

One Deer Trail resident Phillip Steel said, “They fly in town, they get shot down.”

The government recently passed a federal law that makes shooting down drones illegal. However we here at the National Report support the good people of Deer Trail in demanding their privacy from government spying on us from the air. Thank you Mr. Snowden for exposing the fact that the government is listening in on our phone calls and reading our email.

I opine shooting down all drones over U.S. airspace is the public’s right by Constitutional law that forbids our government from spying on its citizens, you & I. It is not only our right by law but our duty as patriots to shoot down every drone that appears in the sky.

Know The Face of the Enemy

Know The Face of the Enemy

If you don’t stop FEDERALISM from consuming the sovereignty of every state and the freedom of every citizen it will continue unchecked as it has for years. And don’t expect your government to protect our rights because our president supports drone-spying on citizens 100%. The people of Deer Trail are exercising the purest form of democracy… that of the will of the people.

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