EXPOSED! Mormon SCUM profitting thru deception lies and THEFT.

Once again the Hughes,Alexander,and Hall pool of filth rear their ugly heads.



Occupy Exclusive! Chris Hughes State vs. Jodi Ann Arias Scam – Part 2

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Hughes Creates Separate Fund

Unbeknownst to Hebby, Tanisha, & Samntha, Hughes Created a Separate Fund

As Occupy first reported on the State vs. Jodi Arias Facebook Scam – Part 1, much attention has been brought to light of the alleged money laundering and alleged illegal activities involving the perpetrators in the scam.  Starting with Hebby Reece-McClain, who founded the Facebook page, to Tanisha Sorenson, Samantha Alexander, to Chris Hughes and his minions, including Dave Hall and Taylor Searle.

Rehashing What We Already Knew
Since Occupy exposed this scam, much has changed.  Hebby started her Facebook page and Tanisha and Samantha quickly formed this scam fund,, purportedly to pay for  6 hour drive from Los Angeles to Phoenix.  As reported, Chris Hughes, unbeknownst to Tanisha, Samantha, or Hebby, started his own separate fund — –  in his own name with his own bank account for the same cause.

For a quick recap, let’s juxtapose the two funds that are reportedly for the same cause.  Here is the fund for Tanisha Sorenson and Samantha Alexander, promoted by the State vs. Jodi Ann Arias Facebook page:

Travis Alexander Memorial Fund
Tanisha Sorenson
ALS 700 E. Redlands Blvd. STE U304
Redlands, CA. 92373
PayPal E-mail:

ABA/Routing# 322274925
Account# 2032485-8
Credit to the Account of: Travis Alexander Memorial Fund or Samantha Alexander
Pacific Marine Credit Union
1278 Rocky Point Drive Oceanside, CA 92056
PayPal E-mail:

Somebody Figured The Scam Out

Somebody Figured The Scam Out – Click to enlarge

And this is the Chris Hughes separate fund that he claimed was also going to the ever-vague “Alexander Family”, although they already have their own fund (above).  This fund has a separate PayPal address, and the money goes to Christopher Hughes:

Travis Alexander Legacy Fund
2036 N Gilbert Rd Ste 2-621
Mesa, AZ
PayPal E-mail:


Hughes said he only needed his fund until the trial was over – Click to enlarge

Why would Hughes need a separate PayPal account for a singular cause?  This mystified many, including Hebby, Tanisha, and Samanth.  They were caught completely off-guard.  Why wouldn’t Hughes just tell people to donate to the scam fund that Samantha and Tanisha started, and were promoting on Hebby’s page?

Chris Hughes made a bold statement — on a couple of occasions.  He said this fund was to support “The Alexander Family” (funny, since they already had their own fund), and that he neededeverybody to donate until the trial ended.

Well, okay.  So this was a scam, but at least the greed of Chris Hughes, Samantha Alexander, and Tanisha Sorenson would end now that a verdict in the trial phase has concluded, and there is no court until (at least) July 18th, but most likely not until August or September, as there may very well be delays.  So, trial over; no more scam funds, right?!

But The Scam Was Supposed to End After the Verdict.  Why Keep it Going?
Well, not so fast.  Amazingly, Tanisha and Samantha have chosen to keep their fund alive.  As mentioned, they said it was for gas money to go to court, even though it’s only a 6 hour drive.  But now that there’s no court, why are Tanisha and Samantha still promoting the fund?  Have they gotten too greedy?  Has the enormous profit they’ve gleaned from the naive public gotten the best of them?  Tanisha and Samantha both told PayPal that their fund is non-profit, but a quick search reveals that the Travis Alexander Memorial Fund is nowhere to be found as a non-profit organization.  I suppose you can tell PayPal you’re non-profit even if you’re not.  But is that indicative of a moral, grieving family?  Or is that more indicative of a sneaky, profiteering family?  Either way, it’s not transparent, as every charitable foundation should be.

Hughes Legacy Fund Before Exposed

The OLD Chris Hughes Legacy Fund page – before being exposed by Occupy; click to enlarge

So regardless, Tanisha and Samantha offer no reason why they’re keeping their scam fund alive.  Silence is golden, often.  Obviously, their greed has gotten the best of them.  But Chris Hughes hasn’t been so silent.  A sociopath believes he/she can get away with anything.  Chris Hughes thinks because he’s a pyramid schemer, he can smooth-talk his way out of anything.  So Chris Hughes hasn’t been so silent.

The Initial Reason Chris Hughes Gave For Keeping His Scam Alive
In fact, Chris Hughes magically changed his story.  Now, he doesn’t need to end his scam fund when the trial ended.  Now, he needs to keep it going.  What was his reasoning for keeping it going?  In the words of Chris Hughes, according to his website,, he needed to keep the money coming to his PayPal fund in his name to honor the wishes of Travis, which he claims included child endangerment, animal rescue, and stopping global warming!  This, folks, is something a creative novelist couldn’t even conjure up.

This story didn’t sit well with Occupy.  Why would Chris Hughes pick out 3 of the most “hot button” topics that nobody could say “no” to?  Education and leadership for underprivileged youth, animal rescue, and taking care of the planet.  Sign me up!  Who could refuse this?

The Problems With The Reasons For Chris Hughes Extending His Fund
If Chris Hughes was that concerned about global causes, why not do what Occupy has done with the Occupy donation page?  Create a donation page with links to legitimate organizations such as the ACLU, Amnesty International, and PETA, among others!  Why do you need the money to go to you, Chris Hughes, to heal the world?

Well, let’s take a look at one of the best friends of Chris Hughes, Dave Hall.  Dave Hall has been extremely active in the Mormon Media Blitz, appearing frequently on a variety of HLN shows.  Dave is another “pro-life” Mormon who works for Legal Shield who supports premeditated state-sponsored murder.  Legal Shield is the pyramid scheme that seems to engender white-collar types of criminals.  So if Hughes needs to keep his fund going for these noble causes that he claims Travis was passionate about, such as animal rescue, surely all of his friends are on board with him.

But let’s parse the history of his good friend, Dave Hall, as Occupy has.  Let’s see how much this crew really cares about animal rescue.

Dave Hall Murders Doves

Dave Hall Murders Doves

Click to enlarge


Dave Hall Murders Coyotes With Family Member (do not disclose)

Dave Hall Murders Coyotes

Click to enlarge


Dave Hall Murders Bears

Dave Hall Murders Bears

Click to enlarge


Dave Hall Hates Obama

Dave Hall Hates Obama

Click to enlarge


Eek!  Okay, forget animal rescue and forget about being politically neutral; enter Operation Damage Control.

New Chris Hughes Purpose for Fund

So much for animal rescue and global warming! Here’s the NEW Chris Hughes Legacy fund page – Click to enlarge

Operation Damage Control and a New Reason to Keep the Scam Alive
So Chris Hughes could no longer claim his fund with his buddies Taylor Searle and Dave Hall was about animal rescue, and would soon be caught on the global warming and child education issues, as well.  Backtrack time!  Magically, shortly after discovering that the Chris Hughes fund had been exposed by Occupy, the website changed two days later.

So now there’s no message of animal control, and the money is to be allocated by the Chris Hughes “Board of Directors” and appropriated to various undisclosed members of the Alexander family once Chris Hughes receives the money in his savings account.  Really?  I understand that the Alexanders lost a family member 5 years go, and I’m sure it still hurts today, even though they weren’t close.  Nevertheless, why do they need their own fund, and now why does Chris Hughes say he’s giving them yet even more money?

This is getting out of control, isn’t it?  So now Chris Hughes completely changed around and mysteriously changed the reasoning(s) he needs to keep the fund going after he originally promised he’d only keep the separate fund until the trial is over.  Strange, huh?  The same can be said for Tanisha and Samantha, and who knows how much they profited out of this.  But they said they needed this for the 6 hour drive to Phoenix.  Well, there won’t be court until probably August or September, and perhaps later, so why are they still promoting their Travis Alexander Memorial Fund?


Why do they need money?

Why do they need money? Click to enlarge

Does Chris Hughes Really Need More Money?
Why Does Chris Hughes Need More Money?  Why Do Tanisha and Samantha need more money if they’re not making the drive to Phoenix for the next few months?  And aren’t all charitable foundations (Legacy Funds and Memorial Funds) supposed to be transparent?

Furthermore, it appears that Chris Hughes is quite wealthy — as is Dave Hall.  Just ask them.  All they talk about is how much money they’re making, all their trips to Cancun, their jetsetting around the world, and you see things like THIS:

Chris Hughes Always Has Cash

Chris Hughes Has Money

Click to enlarge


Chris Hughes is VERY Wealthy!


Chris Hughes is Very Rich!

Click to enlarge

Dave Hall Has Lots of Money, Too

Dave Hall Has Money

Click to enlarge


Chris Hughes is so wealthy, once he found out that Occupy was onto his scam, he returned my $1 donation! Hughes doesn’t like being caught!


PayPay Returned Receipt

Click to enlarge

Did Chris Hughes Plot to Own Travis' Money?

Did Chris Hughes Plot to Own Travis’ Money? Click to enlarge

So clearly, these guys don’t need money.  Just look at the “get rich quick” multi-level marketing pyramid schemes Chris Hughes is tied to:
– Of course, his bread-and-butter is the Chris Hughes Pyramid Scheme Legal Shield page
– Chris calls himself  millionaire with his “get-rich-quick” multi-level marketing website,
– Chris is an “excavator of human potential according to his personal website which he’s heavily promoting,
– Chris is also connected with the pyramid scheme Team Renew
– And let’s not forget the CS Hughes Personal Growth Academy, another get-rich quick pyramid scheme.
Quite the big-shooter, ya know?

Would you trust this person with your donation money?  Do you trust anything that comes out of the mouth of a pyramid schemer?  And while there’s no telling how much Chris Hughes, Tanisha, and Samantha profited from these scams, it’s safe to assume that if they weren’t wealthy before, they surely are now.  It’s disturbing to know that, as mentioned, charitable foundations must be transparent.  Wait!  Ding ding ding!  I think we’re on to something here.

Could Chris Hughes have used Legal Shield, his pyramid scheme insurance company, to pull a fast one on the Alexander family?  If you believe Chris Hughes, he certainly could have.  According to Chris Hughes, once Travis was deceased, he saw dollar signs.  Knowing Travis wasn’t close with his family and had no parents, he saw an opportunity and CASHed in on it: Chris Hughes apparently became the executor of the will of Travis Alexander!  Are you kidding me?  While a normal “friend” would be grieving, a con artist known as Chris Hughes was planning this since he found out on June 9th, 2008 about the passing of Travis Alexander.

Why did Hughes wait 5 years to set up this fund?

Why did Hughes wait 5 years to set up this separate fund? Did he see the profit involved, and then want his piece? Click to enlarge

Why wasn’t this fund set up on June 9th, 2008?  Why did Chris Hughes wait until February 16th to begin his fund?  One might speculate that he had to wait until he was released from subpoena to start his fund.  But that doesn’t account for why he didn’t start this fund 4 1/2 years ago before he was ever subpoenaed.

Now that there is  delay in the trial between the the trial phase and penalty phase, there is no travel involved.  Why do Samantha, Tanisha, Chris Hughes, and his minions need all this money?  We know it’s not for animal rescue or global warming.  But why do the Alexanders — and which ones — need “General Donation Funds”?  As previously mentioned, is this a good example to set for future generations?  Profit for death?

Is this the example we want to set for future generations?  Just let somebody get killed, claim you were their best friend, set up a Facebook page, PayPal account, and put HLN on speed-dial, and you’re set for life?  Imagine how our murder rate would spike if we all did what Chris Hughes, Tanisha, and Samantha are doing (with the help of Hebby)?

And remember, after originally exposed by Occupy, juxtapose how the “Webmaster” of remarkably changed the so-called “Family Statement”

Old Family Statement Regarding Donations


Old Family Statement About Donations

Click to enlarge

New Redacted Family Statement Regarding Donations After Being Exposed


New Family Statement Regarding Donations - Redacted

Click to enlarge

The Old Chris Hughes Donation Page with a Board of Directors prior to being exposed. So much for transparency!


Old Chris Hughes Donation Page

Click to enlarge

The New Chris Hughes Donation Page without a Board of Directors. Still, no transparency!


New Chris Hughes Donation Page

Click to enlarge

To recap, the following are all scam funds.  Do NOT donate to any of the following:

  • (Tanisha & Samantha)
  • (Joey Jackson of HLN’s page for Tanisha & Samantha – this was taken down after Occupy exposed it)
  • (Chris Hughes)
  • (Chris Hughes)
  • (Chris Hughes)
  • (Chris Hughes)
  • freejodiarias (Appears to be an unrelated site promoting the Chris Hughes fund only and heavily)
  • (Appears to be an unrelated site supporting both scam funds)

I hope that Occupy has enlightened some to the apparent money laundering and definite scamming going on, and hopefully has saved a person or two from being conned and robbed.  If you missed it, don’t forget to read about the State vs. Jodi Arias Facebook Scam – Part 1.  As always, please leave your thoughts and comment(s) below!

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