Angel in Chains….

I have followed,with clenched teeth,the Arias Murder Trial as of late. No Im not a Jodi cheerleader. I will say this however,the Alexander Family and those  siding with them are VINDICTIVE SOUL LESS BASTARDS. Im sorry,but the Death Penalty is NOT warranted here.Life with out parole IS. What sickens me no end is the clamor for Arias’s death. Like vultures circling a dying cow. Im not saying Arias is a Saint. She is a brutal savage killer. HOWEVER,something drove her TO this and that something was the lies and deceit of Alexander. What pushed her over the edge was she was trying to rebuild a relationship and though she was on the road to that when he called that night. Instead,Travis had ASS SEX with her,ejaculated on her face and then told her it was over. AKA USED HER FOR A PIECE OF ASS like time and time before. THIS time however she snapped. Rightfully so. you can only poke a bear so many times before it mauls you. 


As well,what sickens me is the prosecutor in his quest to move up the ladder on the laurels of this case. Death garners promotion. so much for “justice”. Now there is a hung jury which means there were at least SOME there that didnt froth at the chance to “do good” and sentence Arias to Death. 


I will ALWAYS contend that juries in Capital Cases MUST BE required to witness the subsequent execution. I believe that would curtail a lot of these VENDETTA VERDICTS being handed down. What DOES count as justice in this case?? Life without parole. Off the streets,in a cell, away from society tucked away and forgotten about. How we as a society decide whom to and whom not to discard is appalling. If you look at the death pictures of Travis,there was a LOT of passion exhausted in his killing. 27 stabs in the back,throat slit and shot in the face. He sure pissed someone off. He sure fucked someone over. He sure USED AND ABUSED someone now DIDNT HE?


Sure,people have used me. Who hasnt been used? What I and I think most WONT tolerate is being played and lied to under the premise of reconciliation.That is the cruelest of cruelties. I dont know the Alexanders or the Arias’s. I have no connection with Ms Arias what so ever. Nor do I have any with the Alexanders. This is my opinion based on the media circus surrounding this case. 

That said, I feel sorry for Ms Arias. As do i for the Alexanders. I wont touch on the rumors of pedophilia regarding Travis,but if TRUE,you got off easy my friend. You were handed a gift. You used and anally abused that gift. You played with her emotions and discarded her like yesterdays garbage. But you just had to get one last piece of that ass. 

Insofar as executing Jodi Arias….no. Not this time and not this case. By NO MEANS did she get a fair trial and it is highly unlikely she WILL get a fair trial anywhere. Many many errors were made in Court. Ive sent those to her defense team for review for appeal.

Many saw that Arias is manipulating. Could be, but I have a talent. I can study pictures and determine things. I studied many pictures of her,travis them together and apart and I came to my conclusion. Travis was a douchebag that used a beautiful soul and abused her love for him. Even the staunchest Trav o Phile can see the loving look in her eyes as she looked at him. When I look at him I see a snake that reveled in the fact he was tappin that ass. He played that

as long as he could. Some times the old saying holds true. You cant have your cake and eat it too.I feel that had Alexander NOT played the emotions of Arias,and been man enough to keep distance from her and NOT call her,the out come would have been far far different. As it sits,we have a woman that was fucked over hard by a douchebag. She snapped and killed. Now you tell me she has to pay with her LIFE for that? I dont think so….


angel in chains


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