Jodi Arias…..Guilty with Aggravating Circumstances.

I want to preface this by saying Im a staunch supported of the Death Penalty.I have witnessed and/or participated in four executions.I am in no way making a defense or any excuse for the heinous barbaric acts committed by Jodi Arias,nor am I attempting to pave the way for an appeal should a Death Sentence be handed down.

We the People found Jodi Arias(pictured below) guilty of murder. Then We the People found that there were aggravating circumstances which makes Ms Arias eligible for the Death Penalty. In Arizona,that is lethal injection.

Lets examine a few points of this case. Ms Arias,a stunning looking woman,was scorned by the fact her boyfriend was “f ing” another woman. Ms Arias watch that act take place and became enraged. Spanish Passion. The American version of that is called temporary insanity. Is Arias manipulative? Yes. Does she use her assets (looks ect) to garner sympathy? Yes. Did she attempt to flip the script so to speak to make her out to be the victim? YES.

Ive watched parts of this case unfold in the “media” and was incensed by some outlets calling the court camera “the jodi cam” and dissecting her actions in court and armchairing her

mental stability.Ah what the media whores will do for ratings no?

But here you have 12 or so people who have the decision as to whether Ms Arias lives or dies.Should she die for her crime of passion? I think what I find most offensive in this case is how the public “wants to kill the pretty bitch” Shallow much are we? While Ms Arias did a horrible thing very brutally,you have to remember it was in a blind rage. An altered mental state that she isnt in at the moment. As I watched the case unfold,I watched the prosecutor

sharpen his fangs and dig in to witnesses,attacking credibility. Thats what prosecutors do,and this one is adept at it. I also got the impression that this case is a ladder step up for this man and he HAS TO get a death penalty. Ah yes, a life for political advancement.Can YOU say Obama? I sure can.

As the verdict was read,I watched the hope and life drain from Ms Arias.She for the most part is already dead inside.

Im not sure watching Ms Arias take her last breaths on a gurney in the Florence Prison is going to offer any modicum of solace to the victims family. Im sure that it will destroy Ms Arias’s family more than this trial already has.

I dont know why,but something isnt sitting right with me with this case. I sense the publics blood lust here. You did this so WE are going to do this to you. Retribution. Funny that isnt how I spell Justice. Ms Arias has said many times she wants to die so she can be free. If you have any social or LE experience,you know thats a red flag. She wants to escape the demons in her head and the weight on her soul. In the interest of Justice,I say we give her the opposite of what she wants. Give her life without ANY possibility of parole.

Either punishment wont bring back the victim. One is punishment in the spirit of Justice. The other is just vile vindictiveness. Dont get me wrong,if this nagging doubt wasnt floating around my head over this I would have no problem strapping her to the little metal chair,sealing the door and tapping on the glass waving “bye bye” as I threw the lever on the gas chamber. I would have no problem looking her dead in the eyes as that cloud enveloped her and as she took her last breath. None at all. But for some reason,if I were asked to do that RIGHT NOW,Id have to decline.

No it isnt because she is a female. That has no bearing. And no its not due to my typical anti mainstream opinion. Its because something just isnt sitting right with me about this. And no it isnt because I have a problem killing people. Ive killed a few in my career(s).

I hope that the jury that decides this womans fate weighs out all things. Past,Criminal history(none) mental issues,morality and self beliefs before passing “judgement”. I feel that juries that DO sentence someone to die should be required to witness the end result of their actions. Its too easy to say “kill her” then trott off to Phoenix and have an iced tea while she waits for the needle. They need to walk that mile with her,help strap her down,listen to her last statement,set the needles and BE THERE when their “justice” is carried out. They need to look into the witness rooms at 2 shattered families. The victims and the condemned prisoners family. They need to be there when they unstrap the lifeless body and bag it for mortuary. I wonder THEN if they will be so self assured that “justice” was served.These are things I SAW. And each of the four times I saw it “justice” made me vomit.

David Simmons



the table

Im not God……………………….Are YOU Mr and Mrs Juror?

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