EXCLUSIVE & Pathetic: Homeland Security Tells Agents “Take Shelter” as Illegal Aliens Protest Outside ICE Headquarters

As I write this, illegal alien protesters are holding a demonstration outside Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) headquarters in Washington.Photos taken by demoralized, outraged ICE agents from inside ICE Headquarters and exclusively sent to DebbieSchlussel.com are posted below. Illegal aliens in any other country wouldn’t have the guts to do this because they know that the immigration enforcement personnel would go into the crowd, round everyone up, and deport them. But we are so pathetic in this country that illegal aliens know they can do this and not only will ICE do nothing, but ICE agents will be told to take cover. It’s the very definition ofimpotence.


I’m told by ICE personnel that agents were told over the loudspeakers at ICE headquarters to “shelter” and “shelter in place,” which means they should go down to the first level of the parking lot and walk out the garage entrance. ICE agents have been asked by ICE chief John Moron Morton and company not to go down to the lobby of their own building, stay at their desks, and not leave the building. Yup, this is how sad and dysfunctional the Department of Homeland Security is. Its largest law enforcement agency tells its agents to act like chickens under siege and cower from lawbreakers who are just outside their doors. I feel like I’m watching an apocalyptic zombie movie. But those movies ain’t got nothin’ on Barack Obama and his inept minions Janet Napolitano and John Moron Morton.






What’s Shorthand for Pathetic Joke? ICE 

By the way, one ICE source adds, the protesters probably came to talk to their buddy Radha Sekar, ICE’s Acting Executive Associate Director of Management & Administration a/k/a Chief Financial Officer, who is reducing the detention beds in direct violation of the law, a major reason thousands of dangerous detained illegal aliens were set free as early as the fall, well before sequester began. More on the spinning-class-lovin’ fan of exotic parrots, Sekar, who is by many accounts extremely incompetent and corrupt, to come. Stay tuned.



Your Gub’mint @ Work

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